2 Kings Chapter 9 Discussion

  • Margie F Campbell on 2 Kings 9:9
    who was nebat
  • Stanjett on 2 Kings 9
    and said unto him, Gird up thy loins.....What does this mean? Pull up your pants? Put your pants on? We have some young people that needs to pull up their pants.
  • Ren on 2 Kings 9
    Not the same person Joram was the son of Ahab king of Israel and Jehoram was the son of Jehoshaphat king of Judah. 2Kings 8:16
  • Christ Magnified Glorifying Jesus on 2 Kings 9
    Sobering sad story. God is so patient with me and others and always has been. Sin will ultimately lead to violence. Humankind is not as merciful as God and our flesh tendency is to always seek first immediate retribution whereas God gave Jezebel many years but the way she died is even more notorious than her life. A death fitting for a wicked wicked queen.
  • Charlie on 2 Kings 9
    I didn,t say it was a typo the other guy did I was explaining it wasn,t.It,s just two different versions of the same name Joram is a short version of Jehoram.
  • Irene123 on 2 Kings 9
    Charlie; I can easily see how 'Jehoram' looks like a typo, but - you have to have FAITH that it's not. Why the difference I wouldn't venture to guess, because it IS God's word and He DID watch over it. I do not question God because I KNOW HE does not make mistakes.
  • Charlie on 2 Kings 9
    It,s not a misprint Joram is a short version of Jehoram.
  • James on 2 Kings 9:24
    there is a misprint on 2nd kings 9:24;
    smote Jehoram between his arms, It should be "Joram"
  • Angie on 2 Kings 9
    The only way a woman can piss on a wall is to sit on top of it. As someone suggested it is talking about all the males. A woman may bring forth a child but it is the father's name or house it will always belong to. So to wipe out the house you must wipe out the one who carries the name of the house.
  • James on 2 Kings 9
    It means all men that are able to go to war.
    God bless.
  • Lillie on 2 Kings 9
    I will cut off from Ahab all the males in Israel.I take this is males that they talk about.
  • Doris roper on 2 Kings 9
    i cannot out what it means "he that pisseth against the wall" found in verse 8

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