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  • Engle
    Jews in the new testamnet are Edomites, they inhabited Judea after this. This is who Jesus called sons of the devil and liars and murderers. The small number of Israelites remaining in Judea heard Jesus word and followed him. Edomites descend from Esau who God hated.
  • Rony Castão Pereira
    The Lord God put before us the blessing or curse. King of Israel choose a curse worshipping false gods.
  • The Bible is being for filled. The Syrians drove the Jewish people out of Elath, and they dwell there until this day. There is no Peace there.
  • Cedric cabilao
    i thank GOD for His kindness He never stops loving His children He protects them and guides them. He is the provider of everething.
    i enjoyed it. i love the old testiment.i know the old testiment is the new testiment consealed, and the new testiment is the old testiment revield.

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