2 Kings Chapter 12 Discussion

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  • Jesse
    In this book it was interesting that Jehoash gave the king of Assyria all hallowed things for peace
  • Cynthia Turner
    We are in the 7th Year Now and this is a real thing that we are talking about it. As long as Money is used in the correct way, Tithes, helping someone, buying clothes, shoes, rent, lights, water, gas, Businesses, food, vehicle and so on then no sin is committed for money! Just use it correctly and everything will be alright.
  • Danette Nzewi for verse 20
    This chapter shows progressiveness and tolerance revealing the real from the unreal! The hatred of murdering a servant sjould be observed and dealt with it's examples reveals too the mingling of cultures can be an atmosphere of very difficult standards. Let compadsion,truth,trust,lrsspns of integrity be learned and we forgive,review,overcome ,and give jutice on the right terms.
  • Savannah for verse 16
    It is my opinion that GOD didn't want any part of money that had been used in an unrighteous way. Blood money as we call it today.

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