2 Kings 6:9 MEANING

2 Kings 6:9
(9) Pass.--Pass over, across, or through.

Such a place.--This place.


Come down.--Coming down. Another anomalous Hebrew form (n?hittim). Some would recognise here again a corruption of the same verb as in 2 Kings 6:8, and render, "for there the Syrians are about hiding" (nehbim, i.e., nehb?'im). This is supported by the LXX., "??? ???? ????? ?????????;" the Syriac and Arabic, "are lurking;" the Vulg., "in insidiis sunt;" and the Targum, "are hidden." But the word (Heb.) is really an irregular participial formation from nahath, "to descend," and the Authorised Version is therefore correct. The versions have deduced the idea of hiding from that of going down, as if crouching on the ground were meant.

Verse 9. - And the man of God - i.e. Elisha, who at the time was "the man of God "(κατ ἐξοήν) - sent unto the King of Israel - Jehoram, undoubtedly (see ver. 32) - saying, Beware that thou pass not such a place; for thither the Syrians are come down. Some translate, "Beware that thou neglect not such a place, for thither the Syrians are coming down;" but our version is probably correct, and is approved by Bahr and Thenius. Elisha did not suffer his hostile feeling towards Jehoram personally (2 Kings 3:13; 2 Kings 5:8; 2 Kings 6:32) to interfere with his patriotism. When disaster threatened his country, he felt it incumbent on him to warn even an ungodly king.

6:8-12 The king of Israel regarded the warnings Elisha gave him, of danger from the Syrians, but would not heed the warnings of danger from his sins. Such warnings are little heeded by most; they would save themselves from death, but will not from hell. Nothing that is done, said, or thought, by any person, in any place, at any time, is out of God's knowledge.And the man of God sent unto the king of Israel,.... That is, Elisha sent to him: saying:

beware that thou pass not such a place: not go to it, but avoid it, and pass another way:

for thither the Syrians are come down: are hidden, as the Targum; lie covered at the bottom of the hill, so as not to be seen.

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