2 Kings 22:18 MEANING

2 Kings 22:18
Verse 18. - But to the King of Judah which sent you to inquire of the Lord, thus shall ye say to him (see the comment on ver. 15), Thus saith the Lord God of Israel. As touching the words which thou hast heard; i.e. the words that were read to thee by Shaphan (ver. 10) - the awful threats which caused thee to rend thy clothes and to make inquiry of me.

22:11-20 The book of the law is read before the king. Those best honour their Bibles, who study them; daily feed on that bread, and walk by that light. Convictions of sin and wrath should put us upon this inquiry, What shall we do to be saved? Also, what we may expect, and must provide for. Those who are truly apprehensive of the weight of God's wrath, cannot but be very anxious how they may be saved. Huldah let Josiah know what judgments God had in store for Judah and Jerusalem. The generality of the people were hardened, and their hearts unhumbled, but Josiah's heart was tender. This is tenderness of heart, and thus he humbled himself before the Lord. Those who most fear God's wrath, are least likely to feel it. Though Josiah was mortally wounded in battle, yet he died in peace with God, and went to glory. Whatever such persons suffer or witness, they are gathered to the grave in peace, and shall enter into the rest which remaineth for the people of God.But to the king of Judah, which sent you to inquire of the Lord,.... That is, with respect to him, or what may concern him:

thus shall ye say unto him; carry back this message to him as from the Lord he desired to inquire of:

thus saith the Lord God of Israel, as touching the words which thou hast heard: read out of the law, concerning the destruction of the land, and its inhabitants therein threatened.

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