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  • Reginald Carroll on 2 John 1
    I think we should hold fast to the holy teachings of the bible,a be holy as Christ has commanded us to be ,love not the world neither the things in the world
  • Gloria Pray on 2 John 1
    I gain knowledge of where it is written in the bible of a none believer" of JESUS CHRIST" 1 John 10" I had spoken of it on Saturday 2/6/16 to a friend, but I thought it were in the book of JAMES: ONE WORD "AMEN"
  • Word on 2 John 1
    Deborah..who would be the "us" you speak of John forbidding? Re-read Verse 1 and 13?..... "The elder unto the elect lady and her children" Is that you? See 1 John 5:13 and please think deeply every day why that indeed is written to "believers". Us. Note it is not written to non believers!! "Know" why. It is why He wrote it to them, us. "Ye" In that verse would be the believer. Eternal. GLory to God. Thank you Jesus. Ps are you going to tell me PETER found your children walking in truth? Context Light.
  • Garry on 2 John 1
    Many Christians take take verse 11 to mean that we should start judging people left and right but I believe that to be a misinterpretation. This verse is simply saying that we should not accept false doctrine and that we shouldn 't wish them well as they spread their false doctrine. In other words I simply don 't say God bless you if I believe that you are spreading a false doctrine.
  • Cbaux on 2 John 1:7
    I think this is silly, when you put the word deceiver up, my first thought Jacob-deceiver so your saying Jacob was an anti-Christ? Anyone can pick words and make them say what you want them to just by going from one language to another. So if your going to use the word in the NT you should say so.
  • Patricia Chance on 2 John 1
    It 's telling us to study the word of God because so many false teachers and deceivers are practicing deceit and not basic on the true word of God.
  • Sateki on 2 John 1:6
    Obeying the words of GOD that is love, meaning you will have to forget what you love in this world and you have to put GOD first in everything. Allow him to become the captain of daily journey.
  • Reinarudo Watanabe on 2 John 1
    2 JOHN 1:10 COMMENTS 3 24 2015 Yea, Exactly and Definitely.... As Apostle Paul said in ROMANS 16:17-18 1 CORINTHIANS 5:11 2 TIMOTHY 3:5. Praised the Lord for the gospel was revealed unto us, as said in ROMANS 1:16 A-men.
  • Motdaugrnds on 2 John 1
    Interesting to me was the fact "ministers " would come to my house to try and get me to understand the Ten Commandments had been changed and the 7th no longer applied. I had been raised in these ministers ' church with the Ten Commandments hanging on the wall of that church yet when I discovered the Seventh Day Sabbath was God 's sign of creation and that Jesus did not change any part of the Law, these very ministers came to convince me otherwise. The interesting part of all this was that it was these ministers who left my house confused because they could not provide Scripture references to counter the Scripture referrences presented to them. I remember when I was first studying the Bible FOR MYSELF and had many questions. An evangelist from Iran visited my house, stayed two hours and answered every single question I presented with straight Scripture. I discovered about a week later he had not even remembered talking with me because he and the Pastor he was visiting had been working long hours that day. However, it was the Holy Spirit who answered all my questions because not one answer came from this evangelist 's mouth. It all came from the Bible!
  • R. F. B. on 2 John 1
    The elder, to the elect lady. Let us love one another as the Father commands. Do not welcome false teachers. I hope to come to you.
  • Abel Subramony on 2 John 1
    It tells us we must not be deceived by false doctrine.How will we know if it is false doctrine if we do not read our bible and understand it.First we need to read and understand the bible so that the false preachers will not mislead us.Once we read and understand and believe then we can be assured that we receive and know GOD the father and his son the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
  • Annabella on 2 John 1:7
    I love this verse , It tells things just the way they are and gives me much insight
  • Dominique Carson on 2 John 1
    I think This Book Is Truly Blessed as all Scriptures are , To the New Testament Christian. Our Salvation is given freely !!Not earned. Living our Lives according to his WORD THE BIBLE . Our Spot In Heaven is waiting. Glory Hallelujah Praise JESUS!!! GOD BLESS you all Brothers Sisters in the Spirit
  • Joash on 2 John 1
    Jesus is Lord and truly has come in flesh for this is the mystery of godliness......no other gospel but this
  • Ebenezer on 2 John 1
    if we Deviate from the fact that Jesus came in the fles flesh, died and rose on the third day, Any thing else becomes irrelevant. Embrace the person of Jesus and believe everything He said before and after His death reurrection even until The Book of Revelations. Your soul is safe if trust Jesus. Amen Just believe Jesus alone and preach faith in Him alone for g geniune salvation and eternal life
  • Robert on 2 John 1
    Oh and one more thing we all should agree on. That Jesus is the son of God and that he was born of a virgin into this world and that he died for all of our sins, for we can have a way into eternal life with Him in heaven.
  • Robert on 2 John 1
    Although we all will not agree on all doctrines of faith, there is one thing that we all should agree on and that is verses 5 and 6. Remember LOVE is the KEY. GOD BLESS.
  • Ruth on 2 John 1
    I do all the word
  • Shellyann Campbell Stephens on 2 John 1:7
    I love to read the words of god
  • SG on 2 John 1
    Yes verse 1o is very good example in how we must treat those who are carrying another doctrine or false belief, I was so zealous me and some other Christian sister and the Jehovah Witness always coming around to show us that they knew their word and like wise did we, one mistake we made we allowed them to come and have bible study so we could show them the way, and we did and they left scratching their heads because one thing for sure you are never to let an unbeliever or unlearned show you the way we conduct and asked the question and they left baffle because they had so many question and never could understand the truth and that's because the truth is revealed within your heart and once your filled with God Holy Spirit he began to unfold the beautiful Gospel, the light is turn on then he makes it plain. As the bible say I'm going to paraphrase(spirit knows the things of the spirit and likewise the flesh or the carnal things of the flesh, that which is spirit knows the spirit and that which is born flesh know that of the flesh. So if your not born again neither can you retain these thing in your natural mind.
  • Bryan Withey on 2 John 1:9
    The Doctrine of Christ here is the FACT that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.Others would deny this and are identified as being of an Antichrist spirit.
  • Michael on 2 John 1:10
    I think it is pretty clear. If any man teaches another doctrine about the virgin born, incarnate Christ, you are to have nothing, yes NOTHING to do with them and the "gospel" they bring. I have had many a discussion in my front yard with Jehovah's Witnesses people who try to double talk you into believing that they don't treat Jesus any differently than you. They do not believe in the Trinity and do not believe Jesus was God come to earth in the flesh.
  • Mary Sadler on 2 John 1
    If they come teaching any other doctrine except that God came in flesh as Jesus Christ they are an anti-Christ.
  • Gloria Robertson on 2 John 1
    Verse 5 states we are to love one another and follow his commandments. How can we show the light to unbelievers if we should not receive them in our homes, or bother with them, especially if it is an immediate relative
  • Timothy Wayne George on 2 John 1:10
    We have to keep the context of what this passage is talking about. If anyone does not believe in the virgin birth of Christ, then that person is an Anti-Christ, and you are not to bid them God speed. This does not mean that you treat all unbelievers as Anti-Christian. We are to be salt, and light in the world, and we should witness to unbelievers so that they can come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and escape the snares of the devil. To the one that has a child that is having sexual orientation issues, you must love them, but hate the sin. Pray for them, that God will open their eyes to the glorious gospel of truth. God is not willing that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance, ( 2 Peter 3:9).
  • Pastor on 2 John 1
    When John wrote the letter it was addressed to the church ''elect lady'' a productive mother with children [individual believers]. In concluding John being also a child amongst others sends regards of other children [individuals] and the mother [church].
  • Nunu on 2 John 1
    Can you please help me understand verse 1, 2 and 5 ... Who/what does the word "Lady" reference to? Is it the church? If so, what about verse 13 "Sister" Thank you.
  • Lee martin on 2 John 1
    amen. we are in sad times. but with the help of jesus and his mercy and grace. not all will be decieved. lord help the true church of jesus to rise in power as in the book of acts.
  • Steve hooper on 2 John 1:9
    The Apostles Doctrine Acts 2:42.Many churchs have wondered far away from the Apostles Doctrine.With the development of the Trinity Christain Religious World,the gospel of the Apostle and the Apostles Doctrine is labeled as Heresy.Thank-you.
  • Jewel Williams on 2 John 1
    -I love knowing that I as an adult is also a child of God with an advocate by the name of Jesus.

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