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  • Adrian Abreu on 2 John 1
    It seems that the apostle John wrote to a congregation that the leader was a lady. There was some false teachers in view , or anti-Christian . 1tim .2: 14 wich was trying to deceive women apparently christian.
  • Ruben H. on 2 John 1
    2 John v.1 This lady elect's name is Kuria---can anyone find out more about her- ie. father, mother, Tribe, etc!!! I Can't find any more mention than in the Strong's Concordance.
  • Randy Hahn on 2 John 1
    Alex...that was awesome!
  • Teri on 2 John 1
    to be absent from the body means what? the spirit is separate from the body which is what goes to be present with the Lord, until that time when corruptible is raised incorruptible! Selah
  • Teri on 2 John 1
    i think the elect lady is a godly woman, who may teach other women and as well her children! he gives her wise advice to continue to walk in love, but not open her home up to strangers warning her about deceivers.
  • Jenny on 2 John 1
    Paul refers to this woman as Elder, elect lady and her children. I believe he calls her elder and elect because she is a pastor and her children refers to the people in her flock. I believe Paul wanted us to know that some women were leaders in their church. Her elect Sister is another woman leader or pastor for she too has a congregation of believers she is over.
  • Victor - in Reply on 2 John 1
    Jenny, For a woman to be a pastor goes against scripture. Also, Paul did not write this letter. John did.
  • JP on 2 John 1
    Sam, Jesus Christ is the SON of God , my Lord and Savour, my Redeemer, The King of Kings Lord of Lords , FOR IT IS WRITTEN. not my spiritual mother

  • Alex on 2 John 1
    Sam actually we are his mother as he asked who is my mother? Them that hear the word/ that good seed of God and keeps it. Its that good seed that will form Christ inus resulting in a birth of Christ in us ( the new birth ) Thats y he always refers to himself as the SON OF MAN mankind needs to birth christ in his life thus we are his spritual mother. And he is the sower of that good seed his words
  • Walter Waller on 2 John 1
    We become righteous the moment we are placed in Christ by the Holy Ghost,then the Spirit gives us the power to live a righteous life as we learn the word of God and put it into practise.Faith cometh by hearing,reading the Word. Aman!!
  • Reg on 2 John 1
    The doctrine of christ is the 4 gospels Gods Own Son Preaching Eternal Life. The world does not bring christs doctrine to a needy soul. Where are his elect are there few that be saved . Seek and u will find knock and it shall be opened to u ask and it shall be given. Ask god not man
  • Maggie Fahy-Pepper on 2 John 1
    Who is this elect lady
  • E.t - in Reply on 2 John 1
    Could be a reference to an assembly of people identified as the bride of Christ.Together,or apart all the components of his bride remain the body that was prepared for his return..At least that's my personal take.
  • Girl4JESUS on 2 John 1
    JESUS is the way, the truth,
  • Randy on 2 John 1
    The last verse of Matthew 25:46 says "but the righteous into life eternal". Sin is all unrighteousness and a little leaven leavens the whole lump, even if we keep the whole law but offend in one, we are guilty of all. So the only way to be righteous is to STOP sinning. Doesn't the Bible say to come to our senses as we ought and cease from sin? A disciple I know you know the Truth, and I thank the Lord!
  • A disciple on 2 John 1
    Hi Randy; Thanks for the nice note! To the question of everyone possibly being in the Book of Life to begin with I don't know. It does say that there's an evil seed who go astray from the womb speaking lies; and some like Esau, the LORD hates. The fact that He sows in all kinds of hearts but only a smaller part respond worthily, also makes me doubt that possibility. Matthew 25:31-46 is important.
  • Randy on 2 John 1
    A Disciple: Could be that everyone's name is in the Book of Life, but the secret is to not be blotted out. The way the world is going, I do believe that only a Remnant will be saved. There must still be 10 righteous, but hard to tell watching the news! Read some of your past entries and sure is good to know you are teacher of Righteousness! Holy to the LORD! Thanks for Lord's words on my family!
  • A disciple on 2 John 1
    Randy; Thank you for your friendly reply: Grace and Peace to you also! Although all have sinned, and God punishes the wicked doers; yet has He spoken of the day when all ages and peoples shall be restored to their former estate. The names of those in the Lamb's Book of Life must be a multitude that no man can number! It is what Jesus prayed: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."
  • Randy on 2 John 1
    A Disciple: I thank the Good Lord and pray for the saints every night, of which you are one! The OT had a sacrifice for ignorance and the NT says there is a sin that is not unto death, which I think and hope is ignorance. (family and loved ones) The error of the doctrine of Truth and the knowledge of Righteousness can be taught to those who will receive His revelation, as we did. Holy to the Lord!
  • A disciple on 2 John 1
    Randy; I think that was a good example you used with Ann to show God's care for us; and also, thank you for the supporting effort with all the times the word forgiveness appears in the Old Testament! There is a wealth of knowledge and history about our Faith and Religion, that has been mercilessly and relentlessly under attack and much destroyed; which is why there is so much error and ignorance.
  • A disciple on 2 John 1
    Emanuel; To your question about God putting people to the test; in James it is talking about alluring to sin; which cannot be done to God, and He doesn't do to anyone! But as to the action itself of enticing it is something that God does use in many ways for His righteous purposes and bringing out the best (or worst) in people. For example - Genesis 22:1; John 6:6; 2 Thess. 2:11; 1 Kings 22:22.
  • Randy on 2 John 1
    Emanuel: In 1 Tim. Paul says 'Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief'. That does not mean that Paul was still a sinner, or the 'worst' sinner. The very next verse Paul says why he said he was 'chief' of sinners. Because he was the FIRST PATTERN of all that should believe after him. It's obvious. Not possible anyway to be 'more sin full'. Leaven leavens the whole lump!
  • Emanuel Fernandes on 2 John 1
    GrGenesis 22:1 And it eek has far more words than English don't read the kjv legalistic. Example In James James 1:13 for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:Genesis 22:1 God did tempt Abraham, and said unto him,
    In James God doesn't tempt man then why did he tempt Abraham?
    Tempt in kjv means to entice but it also means to put into a trial. Clarification is need
  • Emanuel Fernandes on 2 John 1
    Yes forgiven but they didn't immediately go to heaven. But since they were the chosen elect of God they went to Abraham's Bosom. When Christ shed his blood on the cross now it's absent from the body and present with the lord that's my point.Forgiven yes but they still can't go to heaven until The FATHER has been propititated .That's why Christ is called Jacobs Ladder only way to heaven
  • Randy on 2 John 1
    Ann:If I had children, whom I LOVED, who had a fatal disease (sin), and I had the cure, would I make them beg every day for a small dose? Did our Jesus cure us? Do we believe He did.....FULLY? Think about it reasonably...of course HE did! How Wonderful! Good Lord Bless You!
  • Randy on 2 John 1
    Emanuel, may the Good Lord bless you! The word 'forgive' is used 50 times in the OT. 48 times the word is 'salach', which means forgive, pardon, spare. Twice it is the word 'kaphar', which means cover, forgive, pardon, reconcile. (Duet.-Jer.) I was taught the same doctrine you were, which isn't a doctrine, because it opposes itself! It's not 'yes' and 'no', it's 'yes' in Christ! Disciple is right!
  • A disciple on 2 John 1
    Emanuel; I would like to remind you of the LORD's forgiveness of David, and Jonah, and Hezekiah. The whole ministry of the sons of Aaron was to mediate between God and the people for their atonement and cleansing and acceptance (forgiveness), so they could be blessed. In Ezekiel also the LORD said that when someone truly repents, God wouldn't mention the man's sins anymore. Isn't that forgiveness?
  • Emanuel Fernandes on 2 John 1
    We're still sinners were not glorified with our new bodies paul said Christ Jesus came to save sinners of whom IAM cheif. This is a saved man speaking only difference SIN HAS NO DOMINION OVER ME
  • Emanuel Fernandes on 2 John 1
    This is a big misconception NO SIN WAS FORGIVEN IN OT ONLY COVERED. If they were why weren't old testament saints in heaven?
    They we're in Abraham's bosom that's where Chris was for three days. After Christ died NOW SINS ARE FORGIVEN NOT COVERED.
  • Randy on 2 John 1
    Ann:The old covenant forgave sin (Leviticus everywhere). Not only did it forgive sin...but it cleansed the flesh from sin for (get this) a whole year! How come Jesus came and went and we aren't clean for a day??? You know that can't be right. The New Covenant is "Remission" of sin. Jesus really did take away all of our sins...of course He did...literally! He said so. He Promised. Holy to the Lord!

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