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  • Israel Diaspora
    The Book Esdras and the entire are excellent Books and they were apparently removed from the King James 1611 Bible to hide a lot of what is happening now. But God has broken the seal and the Books are now open for us to read and see what has been hidden. For Jesus said that everything that is hidden shall be put out in the open. Check out "The world knows who we are" YouTube video
  • Funnyman
    Manna I remember that stuff lol. I remember The Israelites didn't like it. Remember how it bred worms when gathered on the Sabbath day and Moses was angry. My favorite thing Moses said was if all the fish in the sea were caught would they have enough? lol The Quail flew out of the assembly's noses. Geez I wonder why the Quail became loathsome.
  • Malka Chaveh Bat Israel
    I understand that Israel was a stubborn people. They had short memories and even though He turned his back on His people for their transgressions of His laws, He still loved them and not all perished. Even though I have never seen Him, I still believe in Him and will only worship Him. There's still sin in my life just as there is in everyone's but I call into remembrance what He's done for me which causes me to refrain from sin as best as I can. There have to be others who strive to please The Most High as I do so those who keep His commandments to the end, which He said will only be a remnant left after the Great Tribulation, will receive the promise He made to Abraham, Isaac Jacob who TMH renamed Israel. The remnant of the Israelites will rule the world in the new kingdom--the new Jerusalem--and the Gentiles who will be among them will be their helpers. Just as God spared the Israelites in the wilderness after all the adults died he will again spare a chosen few for His new kingdom. This is all prophesied in the bible. Since TMH was jealous about His people turning away from Him and fornicating with false gods, it is understandable why He would allow many to perish but because of His profound love for His people and the promise He made which has not yet manifested, He's looking at the hearts of man to see who will be worthy to enter His kingdom so that promise will be kept.
  • R.C.. Watkins
    Seeing the comments are like of GOD 'S eternal plan understanding. Israel is the people of the first generation. Gentiles are the people of the second generation. Both are new bottles for new wine bodies of GOD . The third generation will be Israel again: having been brought through fire to purify their temples: that they will become new bottles for the new wine of the third generation, that being the FATHER 'S body! This book, and chapter, 2 Esdras 1 has nothing that is not in the original KJV: lack of understanding GOD 'S eternal plan, in spirit, baffles one 's knowledge of HIM!
  • Rev. Alex Toe Satiah
    It is very much confusing to read any book outside of the approved book known as the Holy Bible.
  • Elder for verse 38
    Could you tell me who those people of the east are ?
  • John The Revalator
    The Holy God of Israel neither Changes nor Repents, Therefore The Israelites, Jews, are God 's ONLY people, Sorry, Allan, Your chritern theology is Foolishness. If God cast away His Self Made People, HE IS A FALSE GOD, nay, GOD IS REAL, No christ was ever required to obtain Forgiveness.
  • Allan santos
    it says,the petition of the heart of God about the israel his people that despised not only the word but all His prophets HE sent to them to acknowledge Him,but they did not do so,so the Lord gave them the warning and also His word on how they escape of the upcoming wrath through their repentance through faith..the great sin of them to God is their unbelief after the the great mighty works of God did unto them but so on fell to unbelief.

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