2 Esdras 4:33

“Then I answered and said, How, and when shall these things come to pass? wherefore are our years few and evil?”

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Then I answered and said, How and when shall these things come to passe? wherefore are our yeeres few and euill?
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  • R.C. Watkins
    An angel is an entity of GOD 'S Word. Only a small entity, of GOD 'S Word is empowered to individual temples: therefore no temple houses all of GOD 'S Word. The elect is given power over the celestial realm, and the unrighteous given power over the terrestrial realm: that no entity, of GOD 'S Word exalt itself over the FATHER! The terrestrial seed planted, by GOD breath into the first man, spreads like seed planted to create the whole terrestrial realm. GOD has created an eternal plan, and all comes forth in HIS time, and season: three generations must pass before the final end comes to judgment ! This angel entity of GOD 'S Word only contains knowledge of this event: spoken of the FATHER!
  • Mas
    @Priscilla Katushabe,
    Esdras and Tobit are among the Apocrypha Books. You may find more details about those books at the bottom of this page, on the left hand side of the topics list on black background.
    God bless you.
  • Priscilla katushabe for verse 36
    Please, which book is Esdras and Tobit?

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