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3/17/2022, 10:52am by "Dan": He was led to slaughter but didn't speak a word I love you lord thank you for laying down your life for me and others you're a true God and a great God

9/01/2015, 8:41am by "Merency Farata-Aniol": I am so grateful and amazed for God's whole plan that Jesus died for my sin. Thank you Jesus.

7/28/2015, 8:22am by "MockingBird": The sacrifice for sin had to be without spot or and blemish : In the old testament it had to be that way : God would accept nothing less : So Jesus Christ was that spotless and without blemish my our sacrifice for my our sin He was not a sinner , else God would not accept the blood He shed for us. I Praise God that Jesus took on my sin our sin so that through Jesus we are made the righteousness of God through Him.

7/28/2015, 7:20am by "trinity": The one thing which separates us, as Christians was sin, so in order to be in union with God, there was the need for an exchange for our sin so Jesus Christ exchanged the righteousness within him in oder for us to be made worthy children of God

7/28/2015, 4:12am by "john madden": He knew no sin means he was without sin..the only sacrifice god would accept..

3/13/2015, 12:13pm by "john brooks": It is sad some preach Jesus became sin, as in a sinner and rejected by God because of that sin and had to be born again in hell.

10/26/2014, 4:22am by "Bill": What must I do to obtain eternal life? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved Acts 16 31 . To believe is to trust, to depend upon. It is not merely acknowledging that Jesus died and was resurrected. It is recognizing that He died for YOU, to pay the price for YOUR sins, so that YOU might have eternal life. It is choosing to depend on His blood atonement as the payment for your sins in satisfaction of God s justice. For He God the Father hath made Him Jesus Christ the Son to be sin for us, who knew no sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him that is, in Jesus 2 Corinthians 5 21 . In order to be saved, you simply need to depend on Jesus as your Savior from sin. Going to church, getting baptized, or living a moral life will not save you. Salvation is not of works. It is a gift of God to be accepted by faith alone. It is not faith in Christ plus your good works. It is trusting Jesus alone. For by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God Not of works, lest any man should boast Ephesians 2 8 9 . The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ Romans 6 23 . Cr. Revival Focus Forum

8/20/2014, 5:52am by "grace": Please cross ref verses galatian 3 13 isaiah 53 6 hebrews4 15 7 26...then pray that the Lord would speak to your heart about His sacrificial act of love for us.....God bless u

7/14/2014, 10:40am by "": Am reading verse because it was giving to me in dream today and am still trying to comprehend its why was I gibing this verse .

4/30/2014, 5:33am by "dharam": Our righteousness were like filthy rags. There was nothing we could do to make ourselves holy. Thank God Jesus took our place and did the work for us. It is through his substitutionary work that we have become the righteousness of God through him.

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