2 Corinthians 5:17 Inspirational Image

2 Corinthians 5:17 Inspirational Image

"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."
2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

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"Being a new creature means to stop doing the things the world does ,be more like Christ ,don,t keep doing the same as the world ,the same as you did when you were lost in sin. You are now a child of God , be separate from the world ,we have to live here for now until Jesus comes ,but we don,t need to act like the world .Jesus wants us to be pure and holy.The lost people are not going to get saved watching us if we act like we did when we were lost and in sin."
"Praise the Lord Jesus!!! A new beginning! Away with the old me. I never want to see or hear him again, ever. I am reborn spiritualy. I have become part of His chosen people because He has chosen me and grafted me into His vine. And I will follow the Shepherd anywhere that He goeth. I will allow Him to use me in any fashion He chooseth. And I will go through any storm that He wants me to go through, to use me as an example of His greatness, His grace, and willingness to bless others."
"New people do new things. New things which are pleasing to God almighty."
"Amen.am a new creature the old is gone.thank u Jesus."
"For graduation, everybody else in my class got NASB, and I got KJV. I was the only one to get THE Bible"
"Indeed wealth can put a man in a new suit but only christ can put the new man in a suit. Am new in christ by the grace of the lord:) thank you jesus"
"Love this verse and it is so true. Once being saved we feel so alive and cant go back to living the way we did prior to being born again without the Holy Spirits conviction. At least I cant!!!"
"That is the way it is supposed to be, but so many folks really never get it, and are decieved bye someone's repeat after me Prayer!"
"Yes Ia m, and yes they have. Grace and mercy's upon he brought me out.Renewing my mind daily keeps me out.For me I have to continue in Him daily, for growth and sharing.I am no longer deceived. If I stop renewing my mind with the word of God. The old thought life creeps back in and is reactivated, before I am even aware of it. And with old thoughts comes old behaviors.So father thank you for your word."
"A nw creature is lyk a nw born baby. No spot nor rinkl. Tnk u Jesus 4 givin me a nw lyf. Evry ugly story in my lyf is pasd away, livin a nw n beta lyf in Christ Jesus. Amen"
"Amen people need learn to forgive aslo. We r not the same person in christ. Wehave changed our whole life style. Plus living for chridt is not about proving ourself to man it's about proving ourself to 5od. He is the only one who can judge us. He is the inly one thst can put us in heaven or hell. He is the one the one that matters the most."
"Amen! I don't know what I would do without him!"
"God is in the process of making new things, when u come to Christ you become a new creation. No longer are you judged by your past, you become a man without a past, Paul said I count it loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ jesus. Phil 3 vs 8. When you come to the knowledge of Christ you dont need pass glories, you dont need to be reminded of your past failure for the word says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Phil 4 : 13. And God assures us of new and better things when we come into Him when He says in Rev 21 vs 1 to 10 ' And I saw a new heaven and a new earth...... Vs 4 says And God shall wipe all tears ...., God is giving us a new and better life in Him , lets embrace Him."
"To Be A New Creature Is For One To Turn Away From His/her Sins And To Look Forword To Jesus"
"1 Peter 1:23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever."
"Ain't that a nice promise?"
"By realizing your a sinner (Rom.3:23 ,& that the wages of sin is damnation ,but the gift of GOD is eternal life through JESUS CHRIST ,BECAUSE OF his SACRIFICE on the CROSS, HE paid your sin debt ,by dying ,being buried, & rising again on the 3rd. day. HE conquered death, hell, & the grave, for all who will recieve HIM AS SAVIOR.ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TRUST HIM & REPENT & mean itwith all your heart, & HE'LL SAVE YOU."
"Cindy, People who say that they are known by Jesus Christ yet they live in unrepentant and they sin because they feel they are under grace have not met Christ. We do sin, but it is how we handle that sin. There is no place for a grace changer. It is a wicked evil that is running rampant in many of today's so called churches."
"For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him (v. 21)."
"I am sooo glad I'm a new little critter in Christ!"
"Thank u GOD 4 making me a new creature. Am glad bcos am renewed."
"Thank you Lord for making me new. and not throwing away the mold.."
"There is no greater peace, joy, comfort, safety, appreciation of life now and eternal, and the knowledge of being loved like no person in this life can love you, as that which is known as the life as a new creature in Christl. Praise God and Christ my Saviour."
"We must cast away our old ways and become Christ like :)"
"@Bruce, you're so right! Those that practicable deception will be held accountable for their blood. Shame on them!"
"Am happy am a new creation"
"Amen oooo ....... everything in my life will become new"
"Amen..you become a new creature when you receive the Holy Ghost"
"Being a new creature bigins first with confession. If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all an righteousness and if we say that we have no sin, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us. 1JOHN 1: 9-10"
"CHRIST is word of GOD,we ought to put in our heart words of GOD, therefore we shall be a new creatures in CHRIST."
"D new creature is our identity to a good life. Thank u Jesus"
"Desdemonia Whittom concrening your question and homosexuality read Romans chapter 1:verses 16 through 32. And know this when we come to Christ we come to him just like we are and as we spend time with God and press into him by reading scriptures praying and praising God, also spending time in church with other believers, God will begin to change the desires of our heart. There may be some things that have had us bound that we may struggle with but dont give up on God because he will never give up on you. Yes homosexuality is a sin but God can deliver you if you will continue to press in and dont give up if u stumble just get right back up again. Read the scriptures i put up for you keep pressing in.I've known a couple of people that had this problem and they rebelled against the truth but if you will seek God with all your heart he will WORK MIGHTLY ON YOUR BEHALF BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH."
"God help us 2 become new. Amen"
"I love this God, ey"
"I nčeded this"
"Jesus Saves.."
"Let other see jesus in u by living a life dat please God."
"Lets abstain frm sins"
"My Saviour and my Redeemer Christ Jesus, thank you Jesus AMEN."
"Not all act like it, sad to say"
"Now that WORD right there.... is cause for a PRAISSEE BREAK!!!!!"
"One of my favorite verses. Love it! AMEN!!!"
"Praise God! I am a new creatures now ..i loved this verse as well,God bless"
"Put away those thing that war with our spirit.."
"Thank God we are new creature in Christ"
"Thank u Lord 4 everyting wat u have done 4 me an keepin me close an lovin me an havin me do yur will"
"The glory i have is bestowed upon me threw saictifycation threw christ that i may apeare blamless befor god the election is by faith and can not b obtained threw works"
"Therefore let us cast away the work of darkness, the Night is far Spent."
"We are more that winner, for he who live in the inside of us greater than he who live in the world"
"Yeah,life with christ is new and full of hope."
"Yes, I am a new creation!"
"@Edwina, very true!!!!"
"Aberham had two sons one by a bond woman and one by a free woman tge jews were born into slavery witch child r u"
"Although he is teaching from Roman 5, he references 2Cor 6:17 Awesome"
"Am a new creature bcos i believe in Jesus Christ"
"Am blessed my evryting is new.amen"
"Amen n all the tym"
"Amen to this, glorify his name n kingdom!!"
"Amen! Get rid of the old and put on the new.. We are ambassadors for Christ..For he has made Him to be sin for us, who new no sin; that we might be made righteous of God in Him"
"Amen! Thank you 4 that"
"Amen, by the Grace of God, I am what I am"
"Amen, Thank you Lord!!!"
"Amen. Thank you Lord for saving me and making me a new creature."
"Amen.iam for christ"
"And above all things have fervent love for one another, for "love will cover a multitude of sins.""
"By faith m in him n him in me.halelujah"
"Dear Heavenly Abba Father God Almighty of Most High, You are holiest of Holy, Glorious ,Victorious and perfect in creating all creations. I come before your throne of Grace and mercy in mighty Name of Jesus to request you to mercy on me to get me out and save me evil temptation group who had been spoiling purposely righteous families for their innocent and simple faith in Christ. I ask your mercy in mighty Name of Jesus Christ to get me out from old law even they had given me under harlots to keep me under pressure always, oh Merciful Lord, I am tired of suffering and torturing for last many years. It is too much persecution. It is written in your Holy words that you never give us more than our strength. Oh merciful hear my cry to get me out from their traps and tricks bondage which had made around me for last years. I ask with Faith in Christ, In Jesus mighty Name for restoration. Amen and Amen."
"F we understand that we r no longer "mare men" we wil then live in victory"
"Father thank you that am a new creature, i bless God."
"Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."
"Gota love Gods word it directions for life!!"
"Great answers there4 we shud not stop givng this testmony of CHRIST inorder to plunder hell and populate heaven thats our role whilst we r havn this breath"
"I am a new creature in Christ. I am a new creation being with the life of God in me!"
"I am born again"
"I had always said we need to change our ways for the best and to make sure we serve him a not the dark side,. change our skin like a serpent does, get a new skin and a new spirit we need to let go to the old one we always had,."
"I love JESUS and I thank GOD for sending him to die for me !"
"I love you Lord Jesus."
"If you haven't become a new creature, You Better Check Up ."
"I'm a new creation, Amen!!"
"Including attitudes and actions."
"Its good to wake up with the word of God thanks!"
"I'v got th life of GOD in me."
"James 15;16"
"Keeping people alive to sin and under the law is wrong the law was added so sin would abound be dead with christ werr dead to sin and nolonger under the law i never care for living like a gainsaying jew nor do i triey to obtaint to righteousness by the law i obtian to righteousness threw faith .. how dear u try to reinstate dead works on us!!!!"
"Me too Sis..:)"
"Mmmmm thank you Jesus!!!!"
"No one should condemn me for the life I used to live because I'm a new person. My past is over"
"Old nature pass and new exacise bagins. Tank u Jesus."
"Praise GOD, for LIFE anew !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Praise the Lord a new creation in Christ!:)"
"Read this very important Version especially, for thus still living in the Past."
"Reconciliation. threw christ 1cor 8 paul calls it puffed up knowledge"
"Sing thanks and praise"
"Surrender ur life to Christ now!!!"
"Thank you Jesus for making everything new in my Life."
"Thank You Lord for allowing me to start again."
"Thank you to our Lord Jesus Christ suffered and died for the remissions of our penalty of sins in hell. now we a new creature and 100% going to heaven when we die. AMEN!!!!"
"Thats who i am !!!!!!"
"The Following is what the 5th chronicle of the Second Epistle of Paul; Saul of Tarsus, Mersin; Southern Turkey is teaching. The process of Building a new body; temple for the Spirit; Essence to dwell in... a new eternal body.The new body will be similar to the old one, the only difference, is that the new body will never die; immortality vs mortality. The current body is temporal, and the new body, being one not made by hands, will be an eternal body. To be in Christ, is being in the illumination; or illuminating power of the Al-Mighty creator. What need be inner-stood, is that it's, the illuminating power, is within, and not something one has to get into, however, on the contrary, one must know that light; the illuminating power is within. Ref. The Gospel according to Luke, ch. 17:21. ~James C. Madden-Gamble"
"Truely God shaped."
"Ty jesus for saving me"
"Vero yes. Jesus"
"Very nice, I will share this!"
"What a blessed assurance!"
"When u become a new creation..you recieve the nature of GOD and not of this world..you are more then what u use 2 be more then the body that you u see:-)..."
"Yea am a new creation n old tins r passed away.Tank u Jesus"
"Yes,all things are becoming new only in christ jesus"
"Yes..and as a child of God,you have 2 realize that there is someone actualy living in you:the creator of eternal life in every fiber of your being"
"You do know That Christ Jesus is a True Way Of Life"
"You got to be kidding me ,if your truly saved you are new in all things ,ty jesus for everything"


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