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5/22/2014, 10:16am by "jason": Some things r not 4 us to figure out or understand if ur inner connection with ur higher power, spiritualality and religion are two entirely different things! be very careful of the line u walk in ur spiritulaly and religiously. GOD TRINITY CHRISTIAN Jahovah.. JESUS JUDY ISM CATHOLISISM these are all very simplistic titles that GOD 1GOD shouldn 't in my opinion be attached to these titles that JESUS CHRISTthe 1 and only GOD ' SON should be labled no other idols should be bowed to or u also will suffer the LORDS vengeance will be cast upon thee!!! no weapons shall prosper against the LORD of LORD 'S are watching us while we think when no1 is around is when doing the right thing when u believe no1 can see u !! transgressers beware. put ur trust and love truely on GOD an its impossible to fail

3/25/2014, 7:47am by "MockingBird": When Moses went up the mount ,the glory of the Lord was within and on his face. he put a veil over his face to conceal the fading of the Glory of God from the children of Israel. Now the Glory of God is not fading away. Through Jesus Christ. We as children of God always have a Glow within and on us always. Praise God for His amazing Grace .

3/25/2014, 4:44am by "Toni": The more we submit to the Holy Ghost and allow Him to work through us, the more like Christ we become. His brightness shines throuh us lightening our countenance bringing true the verse that says in Matt 5 14 "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill, cannot be hid. "

12/28/2013, 9:41pm by "Charles Dlamini": The more we spent time reading His and the more we fast and pray our lives are then changed into the same image.

9/16/2013, 3:18am by "Bgremm": Correction "aglow with the indwelling Christ"

9/16/2013, 3:11am by "Bgremm": Best interpretation of this verse I have heard is by John Van Gelderen you can find it by searching sermon audio . com under his name sermon entitled Aglow with the indwelling Spirit

10/11/2010, 6:13am by "Stella": The more that we commune with Jesus and come into his presence more of the veil will fall off we will be able to see more clear. Then more of his glory will abide within us, and then be reflected through us. His glory will be seen upon us.

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