Commentary for 2 Chronicles 27

Jotham's reign in Judah.

- The people did corruptly. Perhaps Jotham was wanting towards the reformation of the land. Men may be very good, and yet not have courage and zeal to do what they might. It certainly casts blame upon the people. Jotham prospered, and became mighty. The more stedfast we are in religion, the more mighty we are, both to resist evil, and to do good. The Lord often removes wise and pious rulers, and sends others, whose follies and vices punish a people that valued not their mercies.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for 2 Chronicles 27

  • Stanjett
    Sometimes good people die young. Jotham was only 41 when he dies and he did good in his life.
    Whatever you will be in this life is depended upon your preparation before your creator. The degree of your preparation determines the degree of your manifestation in any event of life.

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How long did Jotham reign as king?
  • 2 years
  • 8 years
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