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  • BSP
    King Uzziah overstepped his bounds by trying to offer incense. This was a privilege that only the priests were to have, but God humbled him by striking him with leprosy.
  • Brianna
    The term lay with their fathers is a poetic way of saying being buried in the same place as the forefathers. Verse 23 in this chapter can confirm this.
  • Stanjett
    Yes it means he was buried with his fathers. his kin In this, it don't mean to lie with have sex someone.
  • Lu2677
    Deborah K. Genesis 19:30,31,32,33; His daughters "lie with our father that we might preserve his seed." They gave him wine, had sex with him, hoping to become pregnant.
    "Lay with" typically means have sex with; if that is the context of the verse.
  • Lu2677
    Deborah K. If you are asking about 2 Chronicles 26:23 "slept with his father" or sleep; it means death.
  • Deborah kohler
    what does it mean when the bible says they lay with their fathers, I don't understand
  • John Norton for verse 15
    I find it interesting to compare the Bible with our history books. According to the history books give us the idea these seige machines which the cunning men made for King Uzziah, weren 't made until the medieval times. According to encyclopedias and history books the Greek were the first to use them, then they became part of the medieval European wars. God is still well ahead in helping man when we rely upon Him.
  • Carmalita Johnson
    I would like to have better knowledge of the GOD and the Bible.
  • Viola
    The scripture has made me understand that nations and leaders are appointed by God and their fall is due to disobedience as in the case of uzziah failing to listen to zacharia the prophet.let the name ofGod be praised in the highest.Amen and amen
  • Priscilla odoemena
    want to have full knowledge of the word of God.
  • Matt Mcgill Jr
    As a revelation of prosperity, money, there is no age for whom God chooses to show out with regardless of pedigree, etc..This scripture is saying "there is no broke king " and Uzziah was seeking understanding and that s what we got to do.
  • Ephraim k. Nule for verse 5
    It is important to have a prophets and to walk in the direction which is given to him from God, because the scriptures says that God delivers His people by a prophet and by a prophet they were preserved.
  • Mom
    So many times we see leaders--in politics and even in the church. They get in over their heads in a sinful behavior. They think they can handle the situation and don't have to heed anyone's counsel. They are headed for disaster. Let us beware that we believers don't fall the same way.

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