2 Chronicles Chapter 22 Discussion

  • A disciple on 2 Chronicles 22
    Ali Omar; Jehoram the son of Jehoshaphat was married to Athaliah the daughter of Ahab as a condition of the Peace Agreement between Israel and Judah. This was a terrible blindness and poor judgment in Jehoshaphat that almost destroyed the sacred line of Christ. In fact when we read Jesus' genealogy in Matthew we will notice three generations have been omitted as a result between Joram and Uzziah.
  • Keith Harris on 2 Chronicles 22
    Ahaziah was the king that began to reign at age 42 Athaliah was his mother and I didn't see where it said how old she was.
  • Al Cruz on 2 Chronicles 22
    how could Ahaziah have died at 40, and had a 42 year old son?
  • Anonymous on 2 Chronicles 22
    Why did Jehoram in 2 chron. 21 die in a different way than the Jehoram in 2 kings 9:24?
  • Battyus on 2 Chronicles 22
    Jehoahaz mentioned in 2Chronicles 21:17 is the same person whom is called Ahaziah in 2Chronicles 22:1.

    He is also called Azariah in 2Chronicles 22:6.

    To answer your question:
    Both verses are correct, because they are talking about the same person.
  • Ali omar on 2 Chronicles 22
    hello, im confused. In the previous chap 21 V16-20 it says jehoahaz was left as far as the kings sons went, but in this chap it says that Ahaziah was made king??? which one is correct

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