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  • Florence
    People with special talents are always needed in the house of the Lord. what is that talent that God has endowed you with? make it available for God's use and you will be blessed.
  • Anne
    It would be a great blessing if everyone would bring their special talent to help in building up the work of the Lord. God gave us special talents to serve him and his people.
  • MAGGIE for verse 9
    This verse has been a Motto To people who discipline into maturity and let God guide them so they can identify their purpose in life.. We are all part of building His KINGDOM.. Everyone is precious in the sight of God. His house will be great and a glorious one.
  • Angela
    Here we see the WISDOM that GOD gave Solomon at work. He has summoned Huram, King of TYRE in helping to build not only the Temple to GOD but a place for himself. How we can all use this exammple in living in harmony without manipulation, jealousy, envy, and strife. But in love and devotion to the work and will of GOD. I pray this for us on earth in JESUS name. AMEN.
  • Bonnie
    How wonderful the word of''GOD'' is in showing his people how to live, and treat one another with kindness. We don't have to know one another to love one another. We are connected by the spirit of ''GOD''.
  • Kenrick minto
    i am reading this for more understanding in the lord, i want the lord to use me as he feel please

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