2 Chronicles Chapter 12 Discussion

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  • Mary on 2 Chronicles 12
    Just like Rehoboam we are a sin natured people,and we quickly forget Gods laws and have no relationship with God.And God is so merciful to forgive,If we ask for forgiveness and repent, Things don't get as bad as they should have been,But we need to remember Gods laws And establish a relationship with him everyday so that we can stay away from Gods wrath because sin bringth fourth DEATH!
  • Peter A. Okebukola on 2 Chronicles 12
    God forgave Rehoboam because he showed remorse. This showed the kindness of God to sinners. Only repent and pledge never to regress to sin no more and the great God of Heaven is willing and ready to forgive.
  • Alice moraine on 2 Chronicles 12
    love it an the lord
  • Simphiwe dunjana on 2 Chronicles 12
    This chapter reveala Gods unending forgiveness and His willingness to always offer hia.Kingdom


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