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  • Stanjett on 2 Chronicles 10
    And now the Jews start fighting against one another. Brother against brother. Only thing I can say that it must be Gods will to bring us to Jesus.
  • Chukwudi on 2 Chronicles 10
    Accept wise counsel if you want to be a wise ruler.
  • Saundra Anderson on 2 Chronicles 10
    I agree with Matthew Henry.The counsel of the old men were to speak gentle and kind words instead of brute force suggested by the young men.We should listen to wise counsel of those tha ha ve gone before us!Rehoboram did not follow God s plan,but instead he followed his own desires in dealing with the Hebrew people.
  • Patrick on 2 Chronicles 10
    the better are the words or counsel of people who were there before you.If you are wise don 't wait to learn from your own mistakes but listen.People who can tell you good are fewer but the big team Have nothing good for you at all.
  • Grey justice on 2 Chronicles 10
  • Grace on 2 Chronicles 10
    I don 't fully agree with you. If you do except our LORD Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, the will of God will change , as you will have eternal life.
  • Davies mekgwe on 2 Chronicles 10
    If i do not want to be born again and accept Jesus to change my life .This connot chage God and will also not move God.It is my own good to live the life required by God.eg.God is the author of marriage and it is not an idear of the world.if you decide tomorrow and marry a woman,you do not favouring God but you a fulfilling his word as person with Jesus mind and thinking.
  • Andrea - in Reply on 2 Chronicles 10
    Not understanding this comment.
  • Chris - in Reply on 2 Chronicles 10
    Andrea, I can see how the comment is difficult to understand. Going over it again & again, I have to assume that Davies is stating that God is aloof from His Creation. That it is up to us to do the right things in life, according to his commandments. That regeneration of the spirit is unnecessary. Though there are elements of truth/reality there, the basic assumption of living a good life is our responsibility without the need for God's intervention. So, his comment is simply based on his perceptions & not biblically based. And the Bible clearly states, that unless we are born again, we cannot see the Kingdom of God (John 3:3).


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