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  • Emmanuel yeboah on 2 Chronicles 1
    Alters are prepared by men of God to sermon Him to listen to their prayers and God in His own wisdom descends with blessings. The same way witches, warlocks, voodoo also sermons the spirits the unbeliever on their alters and descends upon them all manner of courses.

    we must all harken to the word of God first in order to stand firm in his glory so no one can have dominion on our life.

  • Shernett Williams brown on 2 Chronicles 1
    Well Solomon was the only one of his kind with wisdom which no one has ever obtain yet very young and because of God's favor on him he gained favour from every one
  • Flora on 2 Chronicles 1
    David taught Solom matters of the heart In all you do do with thought for not just self But God and Solom knew that God honored The heart as he did David's heart No just for self but for many Kingdom building and you need wisdom For that so what he asked God for he Already had in order to ask for wisdom Is a wise move
  • Baby Ray Everett on 2 Chronicles 1
    Found part of the answer to my question concerning the movement of the Ark 1Chronicles 1-13
  • Baby Ray Everett on 2 Chronicles 1
    When was the ark moved from Jerusalem 1King 8, to Kirjathjearim? Verse 4. Book,chater and verse. Thank you
  • D.key on 2 Chronicles 1
    Solomon was granted favor with God. How many of us would have let selfousness take over?
  • Ayomah Mathias on 2 Chronicles 1
    God is really great. Faithful and true forever. He can never change. So if we follow what Solomon did, God will also add other thing to our life. "seek ye first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you "
  • Nuvia on 2 Chronicles 1
    I have never gotten a word from God but I know he will speak to me soon listen to Gods every command and u will reseve something as well
  • Steven on 2 Chronicles 1
    I am very blessed for reading this. I Love the story of Solomon.
  • Lashonn on 2 Chronicles 1
    I was given the task to read 2 chron,2 sam and 2 king. So im now reading for understanding of Gods word.
  • JIMMY on 2 Chronicles 1
  • Judith Ann Crouch on 2 Chronicles 1:10
    In my Life Application version of the Bible the notes express Wisdom is the ability to make good decisions based on proper discernment and judgment. Knowledge, in this verse, refers to the practical know how necessary for handling everyday matters. Wisdom applies knowledge!
  • Lois on 2 Chronicles 1
    God always supplies and multiplies our needs when we seek to do HIS WILL Amen
  • Dannette Wright on 2 Chronicles 1:10
    According to II Chron. 1:10-12,
    Was King Shalomah the wises man in Yashar'al, He asked for wisdom and knowledge to rule over the people not for himself, because if we are teahing others we must apply the same rules to ourselves as we will do for others.
  • Cheryl on 2 Chronicles 1
    God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think. When we ask according to His will. According to the power that worketh within us : Holy Spirit !!!
  • Abraham Ehindero on 2 Chronicles 1
    Wow! It is good to ask the right thing!
  • Beau Renfro on 2 Chronicles 1
    I just found this and bookmarked this Bible. So Glad to find it. Amen and Amen
  • God's love is so sweet. Am so glad In him
  • Chrisgarus on 2 Chronicles 1
    A wonder chapter to start a day. God is so good and has been tremendously good to me & my family. We love you so much dear Jesus.
  • Casey on 2 Chronicles 1
    amen..God is great and he always wants us to ask for what will profit the kingdom..Father please be my guide
  • Zimy on 2 Chronicles 1
    god is awesome ....he is the provider...he is everything
  • NanaSarpong on 2 Chronicles 1
    God is our giver, He has the whole earth in his hands. The one only that doesn’t move; Almighty, that's his name. Amen and Amen.
  • Masefako on 2 Chronicles 1
    It is an eye opener to all of us.
  • Blessed on 2 Chronicles 1
    God is the good God, yes he is; God is the good God. Yes He is.
  • DaneailMorgan on 2 Chronicles 1
    God is so good and when you talk to him he hears you and knows what you need. I thank my Lord for being the great father he is to me and my family.
  • Kamusiime scarlett on 2 Chronicles 1
    keep updated.
  • Anela on 2 Chronicles 1
    Solomon ask for WISDOM. What a profound thing to ask GOD for. Not riches, wealth or long life. Those are things that we who live in the present age on this earth ask GOD for and then get disappointed when we can't obain those things. But if we focus on GOD and the things of GOD(reading the word, prayer, fasting, doing good to someone other than ourselves, etc) we can obtain all that GOD has in store for us. The bible tell us to seek HIS face and turn from our wicked ways, then GOD would heal the land. So let us ask for the WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE from GOD and all other things will follow. AMEN.
  • Annie Mckenzie on 2 Chronicles 1
    God appear unto solomon, and said unto him, ask what I shall give them
  • Rhonda Burge on 2 Chronicles 1
    I know for a fact after being happy after something seem's to be working out in this present world, and lot's of time's it just last for a short time. I know personally if I would concentrate on the world to come and what is in it and just try to live the life God want's us to live now while we are in the present world and look forward to what he has for us in the world to come or heaven that we won't get so disapointed so much and could get a lot more done without all the depression. When thing's are going good for a while and then they seem to mess up if we would just be looking forward to the perfect world in heaven then the disapointment would not be so great or even have a compact on us cause we are focacing on God's world in heaven.


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