2 Chronicles 5:6 MEANING

2 Chronicles 5:6
(6) Assembled.--(N?'ad, to meet at an appointed time and place, Exodus 25:22). Not the same word as in 2 Chronicles 5:2-3 (q?hal), of which the root meaning is probably to call together.

Before the ark.--By the omission of a single Hebrew word ['itto] before this phrase, the whole form of the sentence is altered from that of Kings. There we read "(were) with him before the Ark sacrificing," &c.

Sacrificed.--Were sacrificing.

And the priests . . .--The verse is wholly identical with 1 Kings 8:6 (see Notes there).

Verse 6. - King Solomon and all the congregation... sacrificed; i.e., of course, with the intervention of their priests.

5:1-10 The ark was a type of Christ, and, as such, a token of the presence of God. That gracious promise, Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world, does, in effect, bring the ark into our religious assemblies, if we by faith and prayer plead that promise; and this we should be most earnest for. When Christ is formed in a soul, the law written in the heart, the ark of the covenant settled there, so that it becomes the temple of the Holy Ghost, there is true satisfaction in that soul.See Chapter Introduction
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