2 Chronicles 5:11 MEANING

2 Chronicles 5:11
(11) For all the priests.--From this point to "for his mercy endureth for ever," 2 Chronicles 5:13, the narrative is peculiar to the chronicler. He has characteristically inserted between the two halves of the short verse (1 Kings 8:10) a long parenthesis, dwelling upon the Levitical ministrations.

That were present.--That could be found. So Vulg. (Comp. 2 Kings 19:4.)

Were sanctified.--Had sanctified (or purified) themselves, for the purpose of taking part in the ceremony (1 Chronicles 15:12).

And did not then wait by course.--They had not to observe courses (1 Chronicles 24). Not merely the class of priests then on duty, but all the classes indiscriminately took part in the solemnity.

Verse 11. - The parallel (1 Kings 8:10) shows the first half of this verse and the last sentence of ver. 13 to make its tenth verse. All between these two is special to the present passage and to Chronicles. All the priests... not by course; i.e. all of all the courses, twenty-four in number, instead of only the one course on daily duty at the time (1 Chronicles 23:6-32; 1 Chronicles 24:1-31). Present; or, found more literally; that is to say, all who were not for one cause or another out of reach (1 Chronicles 29:17; Ezra 8:25). The Hebrew word is the familiar הַגִּמְצְאִים.

5:11-14 God took possession of the temple; he filled it with a cloud. Thus he signified his acceptance of this temple, to be the same to him that the tabernacle of Moses was, and assured his people that he would be the same in it. Would we have God dwell in our hearts, we must leave room for him; every thing else must give way. The Word was made flesh; and when he comes to his temple, like a refiner's fire, who may abide the day of his coming? May he prepare us for that day.See Chapter Introduction
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