2 Chronicles 32:2 MEANING

2 Chronicles 32:2

This section is peculiar to the Chronicles. Its contents are "perfectly credible" (Thenius), and are borne out by Isaiah 22:8-11, and 2 Kings 20:20, and by the inscription of Sennacherib.

(2) And that he was purposed to fight.--Literally, and his face was for the war. (Comp. 2 Chronicles 20:3; Luke 9:53.)

To stop.--To close in with masonry, so as to conceal. (But comp. 2 Kings 3:19; 2 Kings 3:25.) LXX., ???????? ?? ?????.

They did help him.--By "gathering much people together" (2 Chronicles 32:4).

Verse 2. - When Hezekiah saw... and that he purposed... Jerusalem. Whether the three verses of ill omen already alluded to (2 Kings 18:14-16) may be road precedent to this verse, and purport that the bribes had been paid, and yet had failed of their object, so that Hezekiah was now compelled to brace himself to the occasion, and "took counsel," etc. (next verse); or whether this verse dates (as some think)the quailing heart of Hezekiah, and an offer or part payment of treasure by Hezekiah to Sennacherib, which only increased his insolence, as immediately now related, is uncertain, perhaps. In the face of the emphatic language of the three verses of the parallel, and in consideration of the possible motives as suggested above for our compiler omitting the matter altogether, we incline to the former opinion. That would have the effect of making this verse say that when Hezekiah had his eyes opened to the failure of his bribe - a waste payment, for that Sennacherib still "purposed to fight against Jerusalem" - he finally proceeded to take the right steps. However, the witness and indications of Isaiah 22:13-19; Isaiah 29:2-4, may go some way to shield Hezekiah from the entire blame. The silence of our compiler on the whole matter is the one residuum of fact, and unfortunate in its suggestion.

32:1-23 Those who trust God with their safety, must use proper means, else they tempt him. God will provide, but so must we also. Hezekiah gathered his people together, and spake comfortably to them. A believing confidence in God, will raise us above the prevailing fear of man. Let the good subjects and soldiers of Jesus Christ, rest upon his word, and boldly say, Since God is for us, who can be against us? By the favour of God, enemies are lost, and friends gained.And when Hezekiah saw that Sennacherib was come,.... Into the land of Judah, which he perceived and understood by reports brought to him: and that he was purposed to fight against Jerusalem; to besiege it and take it, if possible; this he saw was his design, by taking the fenced cities in his way, and coming forward with his forces.
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