2 Chronicles 17:5 MEANING

2 Chronicles 17:5
(5) Therefore.--And (so "also," "so that," in 2 Chronicles 17:7; 2 Chronicles 17:10).

The Lord stablished the kingdom in his hand.--Comp. 2 Kings 14:5.

Presents.--Minchah. This word often means tributary offerings, as in 2 Chronicles 17:11, but here it obviously denotes the voluntary gifts of loyal subjects, usual at the beginning of a reign (1 Samuel 10:27).

And he had (or got) riches and honour in abundance.--Like David and Solomon (1 Chronicles 29:28; 2 Chronicles 1:12).

Verse 5. - All Judah brought presents to Jehoshaphat. These presents were, of course, voluntary gifts, though, like not a few others, custom may have taken off from them something of the bloom of spontaneousness (1 Samuel 10:27; 2 Samuel 8:2; 1 Kings 4:21; 1 Kings 10:25; Psalm 72:10).

17:1-19 Jehoshaphat promotes religion in Judah, His prosperity. - Jehoshaphat found his people generally very ignorant, and therefore endeavoured to have them well taught. The public teaching of the word of God forms, in all ages, the great method of promoting the power of godliness. Thereby the understanding is informed, the conscience is awakened and directed. We have a particular account of Jehoshaphat's prosperity. But it was not his formidable army that restrained the neighbouring nations from attempting any thing against Israel, but the fear of God which fell upon them, when Jehoshaphat reformed his country, and set up a preaching ministry in it. The ordinances of God are more the strength and safety of a kingdom, than soldiers and weapons of war. The Bible requires use to notice the hand of God in every event, yet this is little regarded. But let all employ the talents they have: be faithful, even in that which is little. Set up the worship of God in your houses. The charge of a family is important. Why should you not instruct them as Jehoshaphat did his subjects, in the book of the law of the Lord. But be consistent. Do not recommend one thing, and practise another. Begin with yourselves. Seek to the Lord God of Israel, then call upon children and servants to follow your example.Therefore the Lord stablished the kingdom in his hand,.... Piety is the best prop of government; the throne is best supported and established by truth, righteousness, and mercy; by the exercise of these Jehoshaphat was settled in his kingdom, and had a place in the hearts of his people:

and all Judah brought to Jehoshaphat presents; being well affected to him, as well as it was usual so to do at a prince's accession to the throne, see 1 Samuel 10:27.

and he had riches and honour in abundance; through the presents his subjects brought him, and the respect they showed him.

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