Tobit 4:15

“Doe that to no man which thou hatest: drinke not wine to make thee drunken; neither let drunkennesse goe with thee in thy iourney.”

1611 King James Version (KJV)

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Other Translations

Do that to no man which thou hatest: drink not wine to make thee drunken: neither let drunkenness go with thee in thy journey.
- King James Version

Do not do to any man the things which you yourself hate. Do not drink wine to make you drunken; neither let drunkenness go with you on your journey.
- World English Bible

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Discussion for Tobit 4

  • P. Bowers
    I believe the Old Testament laws are still in effect, I also take what The Bible says literally. I.believe Noah lived to be 950 yrs. old. My gfriend thinks I'm off my rocker! Oh well! To Each Their Own!!
  • Sandy
    I think Tobit was talking to his son, before Jesus Christ was born and crucified. Now we must except Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior and be baptized to escape hell.
  • Is the Most High's word and it must be respected...For who are we to question when in reality he gave us life. Shalom!

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