Judith 13:8

“And she smote twise vpon his necke with all her might, and she tooke away his head from him,”

1611 King James Version (KJV)

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Other Translations

And she smote twice upon his neck with all her might, and she took away his head from him.
- King James Version

And she twice struck his neck with all her might, and she took his head away from him.
- World English Bible

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  • Clifford keen for verse 18
    OK? Judith Manessah, Now Im trying to place a time line on them,Not to be confused with Manesseh that followed the foot steps of his Fathe r,,of whos Father was Hezakia Hezakia set the house in order ,and those 2 followed Baal. Son and Grandson of Hezakiah.But Im trying to place Judiths Manessah who died of exposure in the field. I have a brain injury and I cant get this devided, I see it,and know it. I need the time line on Judith Manessah verses Mennesha who followed Baal

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