1 Kings 18:3

“And Ahab called Obadiah which was the gouernour of his house: (now Obadiah feared the Lord greatly:”

1611 King James Version (KJV)

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Other Translations

And Ahab called Obadiah, which [was] the governor of [his] house. (Now Obadiah feared the LORD greatly:
- King James Version

Ahab called Obadiah who {was} over the household. (Now Obadiah feared the LORD greatly;
- New American Standard Version (1995)

And Ahab called Obadiah, who was over the household. (Now Obadiah feared Jehovah greatly:
- American Standard Version (1901)

And Ahab sent for Obadiah, the controller of the king's house. (Now Obadiah had the fear of the Lord before him greatly;
- Basic English Bible

And Ahab called Obadiah, who was the steward of his house (now Obadiah feared Jehovah greatly;
- Darby Bible

And Ahab called Obadiah who was the governor of his house. (Now Obadiah feared the LORD greatly:
- Webster's Bible

Ahab called Obadiah, who was over the household. (Now Obadiah feared Yahweh greatly:
- World English Bible

and Ahab calleth unto Obadiah, who [is] over the house -- and Obadiah hath been fearing Jehovah greatly,
- Youngs Literal Bible

And Ahab called Obadiah, who was over the household. --Now Obadiah feared the LORD greatly;
- Jewish Publication Society Bible

Bible commentary

Wesley's Notes for 1 Kings 18:3

18:3 Obadiah - Being valued by Ahab for his great prudence andfidelity, and therefore indulged as to the worship of the calves andBaal. But how could he and some other Israelites be said tofear the Lord, when they did not go up to Jerusalem to worship, asGod had commanded? Although they seem not to be wholly excusable in thisneglect, yet because they worshipped God in spirit and truth, and performedall moral duties to God and their brethren, and abstained from idolatry,being kept from Jerusalem by violence, God bares with their infirmityherein.

Discussion for 1 Kings 18

  • Rod Allen
    Fascinating story. The area was one that abounded in naturally occurring naphtha. Note that Elijah was very keen to soak his bonfire in "water". My theory is that this was just this natural firelighter. One spark and whoosh! The lot went up. Very clever man, Elijah.
  • Kisembo
    God is great false prophets are real I have just observed we need to avoid and Identify them
  • BSP
    Verse 21~The people felt that they could have worship both ways, but Jehovah God deserves 100 percent.
  • Bruce
    Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.
    Surely God operates by and through His laws, for no other law is.
    Fire that consumes water and causes even stone to disappear shows that water contains abundant power. Perhaps we get a view here as to how the pyramid stones were shaped.
  • BSP
    Verse 40~This verse shows the results of idolatry and the hatred that Jehovah God has for idolatry.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    Our God answereth by fire! It is curious that some roadside god will be contending with the creator of heaven and earth! Our omnipotent God showed His power and put baal to shame. Its worshipers got the treatment they deserve. Pray that God will keep showing His might in our lives to bring down the stronghold of satan and its cohorts.

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