1 Esdras 5:68

“So they went to Zorobabel and Iesus, and to the chiefe of the families, and said vnto them, We will build together with you.”

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So they went to Zorobabel and Jesus, and to the chief of the families, and said unto them, We will build together with you.
- King James Version

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  • Daniel Brown.
    I believe the most high dose not change he said not to add nor subtract from his word we must stay and ad be obedient to his comment so it was not his will for anyone to take any of his word away from the rest of his word sin is sin
  • Betty Corey
    Well I believe it like this, I believe God is still in control, and the bible was spirit led and if he wanted them added when HIS BOOK was put together, he would have had them added. I believe God led their hearts the way he wanted his word put together. God always has been, is still and always will be IN CONTROL!
  • Edward Logsdon
    Agreed. It may not have been God 's will for previous generations to have had this knowledge accessible to them. They may not have needed it as much as our current generations will. I truly believe we do need it now more than ever, as it appears that much of the past is prophesied to come around full circle. Thank Gods and Goddess for their Divine Plan!
  • Jodie
    I couldn 't agree more. Who is anyone to say which words should the common people see. How deceiving for only those who seek the truth will find it when it was freely given to all creation to know our God and His Son.
  • _Rosalina_Sayson_Ko_Tapay_
    (This is my response to David E. Phelps's 1 Esdras Chapter 5 comment on 10/27/2013, 8:31am).. Please be specific and identify exactly some if not all of your basis in saying that King James did the removal of anything from Holy Scriptures.
  • David E. Phelps
    I believe it is a very sad and great loss to the world; when a man with just the powers of a mortal king, orders the words of a king that created everything ever created, because he, the mortal king, did not see the importance in it. IT IS THE WORD OF GOD YAHWEY and NO MAN has the right to say what is or what is not HOLY!!

    The above is my responce of the REMOVAL of anything from HOLY SCRIPTURES by king James, who gave hime the right to do that? NO ONE!!

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