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Genesis 22:14 | Read whole chapter
And Abraham called the name of that place Iehouah-ijreh, as it is said to this day, In the Mount of the LORD it shalbe seene.

Exodus 6:3 | Read whole chapter
And I appeared vnto Abraham, vnto Isaac, and vnto Iacob, by the Name of God Almighty, but by my name IEHOVAH was I not knowen to them.

Exodus 17:15 | Read whole chapter
And Moses built an Altar, and called the name of it IEHOUAH Nissi.

Judges 6:24 | Read whole chapter
Then Gideon built an Altar there vnto the Lord, and called it Iehouah shalom: vnto this day it is yet in Ophrah, of the Abi-Ezrites.

Psalms 83:18 | Read whole chapter
That men may knowe, that thou, whose name alone is IEHOVAH: art the most High ouer all the earth.

Isaiah 12:2 | Read whole chapter
Behold, God is my saluation: I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord IEHOVAH is my strength and my song, he also is become my saluation.

Isaiah 26:4 | Read whole chapter
Trust ye in the Lord for euer: for in the Lord Iehouah is euerlasting strength.