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  • Cynthia on 1 Timothy 1
    Pual was first stating where his loyalty was. He let everyone know it was with the God head. So timothy could still have hope that he is not alone in this spiritual war fare. Evidently timoth's heart had been heavy because of the doctrine of men had infiltrate the church. And paul was letting him know not to fall faint in his work or let those people change his way of thinking. Becuse there had been serveral that had. And paul reminded him of the things that that made us sinners and how God is long suffering with us. That God has put us to work to bring others to Him. And riminded timothy that this is an honor. I think that this is a wonderful pep talk to help keep us going in the church of God today. Because we have to deal with people who treat God like a man because we fail to study and know who God is and how He thinks.
  • Anonymous on 1 Timothy 1
    1tim 1:17... that is the true GOD... Eternal King, Immortal and Invisible... the ONLY GOD...
    There is No place that our lord Jesus is God...
    Jesus died and many people have seen Jesus during his time...
  • Jkj on 1 Timothy 1
    The gospel was put in his trust, counted faithful and God enabled him and put him in the ministry. After many hurts and much warfare in a small town, I left the ministry. The wife who finds that there are places in churches for ministers who can be together and find a place to minister. Does God not have a place for an "ex" pastor's wife to be able to find other wives who left the ministry and some how be able to maybe in a sense be in the ministry again to help them. I hope never to say outloud again I left the ministry. Because I know that I failed many times but the work of Christ is to be my ministry. I knew that before but I see it now as never before.

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