1 Timothy 3:3

“Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;”

King James Version (KJV)

Other Translations

Not giuen to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre, but patient, not a brawler, not couetous;
- King James Version (1611) - View 1611 Bible Scan

not addicted to wine or pugnacious, but gentle, peaceable, free from the love of money.
- New American Standard Version (1995)

no brawler, no striker; but gentle, not contentious, no lover of money;
- American Standard Version (1901)

Not quickly moved to wrath or blows, but gentle; no fighter, no lover of money;
- Basic English Bible

not given to excesses from wine, not a striker, but mild, not addicted to contention, not fond of money,
- Darby Bible

Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre, but patient; not a brawler, not covetous;
- Webster's Bible

not a hard drinker nor given to blows; not selfish or quarrelsome or covetous;
- Weymouth Bible

not a drinker, not violent, not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous;
- World English Bible

not youun myche to wyn, not a smytere, but temperat, not ful of chiding, not coueitouse, wel reulinge his hous,
- Wycliffe Bible

not given to wine, not a striker, not given to filthy lucre, but gentle, not contentious, not a lover of money,
- Youngs Literal Bible

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1Ti 3:3 Not given to wine. Not a drunken brawler is the idea of the Greek. We must always bear in mind that the church had been formed of Gentiles whose morals had been at a very low standard.

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