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  • Carmen
    I like to read this every night and try to memorize the whole chapter.
  • Akeem
    Paul's burden was to see the church at Thessalonica grow in their faith and become mature believers which is only perfected through love. The world's definition of love is emotional and twisted through the lies of the Devil. True love Corinthians 15 rejoiceth in the truth. May the Lord help us to pursue Biblical love which will mature us in the faith.
  • BSP
    Verse 12~An increase in love was being emphasized here and that is something that we all want to contribute to today.
  • Ray321
    Ephesians 1:7 7 In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace. God looks at us as thou we never sin. But the flesh will still sin.
  • Bruce
    Ray? There are many Churches that love one another,they talk about The Bible,Way of Salvation.Do different things,thinking they are Saved and are more Lost then The World. One Big Social Club. Some on this site have lunch with The Wolf. Only by The Blood of The Lamb and The Word of God,We can Win The Battle:Ephesians 10:18. It's getting harder to find a Body of True Believers. Preach The Blood
  • Ray321
    1 Thessalonians 3:12 And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you. If we get loving one another and share the gospel, we won't have to worry about wolf's in sheep clothing. Let us increase our Love and Faith in Christ Jesus.
  • Wayne
    Julie, Acts 20:29-30, grievous Wolf's and religious perverts are to split up the flock, as Paul states. Inevitable, considering sinful man. 1 Timothy 4:4, forbidding to eat certain meats and forbidding to marry. We all should understand these things, having watched religious goings in. GBU
  • Irene123
    This chapter shows so clearly the FAITH the first Christians had. Christians right now, 2017, are suffering trials of mind and body, but Jesus knows all about it and did know long before it began. His will for us is to be tried for our faith, to strengthen us for Him and make HEAVEN. Pray,
  • Irene123
    1 Thess.2:18 - "satan hindered us"; 3:2 - "and sent Timotheus"; I just wonder - I know the hindering was of God, satan has to ask permission to touch God's anointed (but satan can touch sinners without His permission) "Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm." I wonder if God's plan in the hindering was so Timotheus would be sent, maybe for the experience he needed, or whatever.
  • Geraldine Cole
    Amen Jesus will help us if we allow him to help us we must trust him
  • William
    I think as the disciples need to go out and give our testimonie to others and bring other into the kingdom on a daily basis it is not difficult to be a witness for the lord .very sad more people do not go out and do it and talk about it. They talk about everything else do we love Jesus or not?
    To me in verse they felt fine to be left in Athens ,they had faith
  • Dek Barbare
    While reading 1 Thessalonians, and answering the short quiz following chapters 1, 2, and 3 I am left with confusion as to where Paul was, once the answer was Phillipi, another time Corinth, yet he also speaks of Athens. Does anyone really know?
  • Keith Harris
    Question 4 about where this was written from is wrong. the correct answer is Athens not Corinth. Read the last verse of chapter 5 it say written from Athens.
  • Julie
    We should not allow the devil, the tempter to keep us divided through our various church denominations but rather we should love one another any where we found ourselves as children of the Most High God and our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Hannah
    Children of God need to abound in love one toward another and by this, they will be able to unite as one and fight the common enemy devil . Children of God should not be discouraged during afflictions, knowing that even the master and the disciples suffered afflictions. What we need is the Grace and mercy of God to see us through.
  • Ginny
    These men were giving time for the others to share the word of God and finally, they came together to greet and encourage all, each other which caused the continuance of the good and true news of Jesus Christ our savior, which before Jesus ascended to his Father, he commanded to the apostles to spread the salvation plan(Acts 2:38) to all that would hear. and there were those filled with the power of the Holy Ghost in the upper room, with the evidence of speaking in another tongue and to preach this to all and not stop spreading the good news, even to this day. Amen.
  • Cheryl lynn for verse 12
    The Churches that preach hate and racism are not preaching the word of God. Remove yourself.

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