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  • Lennox siwale
    this is a role model of the periesthood ..the vision of God for men.and the reponse of men of humble hearts to the true unpolluted word of God burning in the hearts of those who love God and their only committment to spreading this new found relationship with a heavenly God.trembling and
    marvelled at the powerful ability of the word of Jesus in their haerts.
  • Garyloyd newman
    It says to me, study,the Word, then, almost anything can become an idol if you don't give time to Father,become elect-ion by learning the truth, not what men say but God,avoid being deceived. For them who want to be taken first will pay.
  • Davis
    very true
  • Anonymous for verse 10
    Because, Jesus came and died for our sins and if we accept Him as our Savior and Lord, we will be delivered from the wrath that is soon to come. Sounds clear to me.
  • Judah
    This is a letter that carries power, portrays the unity and love of the Apostles(Paul, and Silvanus, and Timotheus) which is rare in our age.
  • Sylvia barnes
    This was a great love letter from Paul to the church at Thessalonica--full of encouragement for them and his pleasure in their testimony. I think we as Christians would love to receive such an encouragement!

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