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  • Blessed
    thank you Father GOD for the power. thank you
  • Dennis Washington
    This letter can be a sure assurance to us just as it came to be to the Thessalonians. It points out to the true believer that GOD working through His SON, JESUS has redeemed us through His Grace &Mercy,filling us with the love of GOD and love toward one another as we wait in expectancy of his coming again
  • Jesus is our faith in as much as he worketh his will in us.
  • Jacob Omede for verse 3
    Work of faith refers to any work done by a believer in Christ Jesus that is because of his or her faith in Christ.
  • Rosalinasaysonkotapay
    Disciples of God believed that GRACE and PEACE are from GOD OUR FATHER and the LORD JESUS CHRIST(1-Thessalonians 1:1)...NOT from Jesus Christ ONLY...Since the ELECTION OF GOD is by the GOSPEL which the disciples preached (Mark 16:15-16)and it came to us in WORD, in POWER, in HOLY GHOST (1-Thessalonians 1:4-5)...which we received after BAPTISM in the NAME of the FATHER, and of the SON (WORD - John 1:1,14), and of the HOLY GHOST (Matthew 28:19-20) and these three are one (1-John 5:7) which is the mystery of godliness (1-Timothy 3:16) in the HOUSE OF THE GOD, the CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD, the PILLAR AND GROUND OF THE TRUTH(1-Timothy 3:15)
  • Today's idols are anything that turns our heart from serving God. Money, Facebook, husbands, wives, children, jobs, a position - are just some of the idols people are worshipping and don't even realize it. We have to turn away from things that take our minds and our hearts from the true and living God. We have to be like the Thessalonians and turn away from the idols and back to the true and living God. Things of the world don't bring true happiness - that can only come from the maker and creator.
  • The only name given under heaven whereby men MUST be saved is Jesus Christ. Not Allah, not Buddah, not a job, not a husband - only Jesus Christ saves us. So, if we are to escape the wrath of God that He will pour out on the wicked, it starts with calling on the name of Jesus and serving Him and not other things. God's wrath will be full of vengeance and righteous judgment and without any mercy. God's wrath will tear down all the unrighteous and ungodly. Who will be able to stand in that great and terrible day of the Lord? Those washed in the blood of Jesus and found on the Lamb's Book of Life
  • Pastor Emma
    our work of faith, labour of love and patience of hope summarizes the entirety of our christian race.
  • By Charles H. Spurgeon for verse 4
    There will be no doubt about his having chosen you, when you have chosen him.
  • Alex
    Great website, it has been extremely helpful to my Bible study as a new believer in Christ and a future missionary. To my brothers/sisters: thank you for guiding me with your comments; we should all be aware of the devil lurking in our society and scrutinize ourselves every day, and pray to God the Father and Lord Jesus Christ to guide us.
  • One
    I pray blessing on all those who read these comments, and even on the hole world.
    My comment on this chapter; on verse 9, which speaks on Thessalonians turning from idols, and this is my response on that: We must all turn from our idols, for our God is a jealous God, says Exodus 20:5, and you might say to yourself, i don't have any idols; Well........Do you watch TV for more time than you pray to God?.........How much longer do you play video games, than you pray, (FOR THOSE WHO PLAY VIDEO GAMES) and my goodness think about how much more disciple, we have on ourselves for making money, than we have for doing God's will; Which if you look on the back of a dollar bill it says "in god we trust".....Whoa...What a statement. Do we trust in money, more than God? ......I mean, we'll even diet for our bodies, more than we'll fast, for God to give us his power to help others. ........ This is a real reality check for those of us who believe that we're idol free. satan is never going to show us, where, and how, he has us bound; it is on us, to judge only ourselves, and no one else. Children of God; Never think you are doing enough, but always go after more of God in your lives, no matter what level of spirituality you've reached; For the Bible says in Isaiah 64:6, that, our righteousness are as filthy rags
  • Obum
    we have to show examle of what we believed.
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  • Marie
    Always thanking God through our prayer and spirit, always remembering God has all the power, and God cannot fail; he is always making a difference in our life. God is our protector and Jesus died for our sin and paid the price.
  • Keeton 1
    @Mr. Timothy Wayne George,
    I could not agree with you more. This is such a powerful message that you have shared with us all. I Thank the Heavenly Father for your guidance and inspiration. We as Christians need to encourage each other, we also need to be consistent and persistent at reading The Word and praying. If we all channel all the negative energy that we put into things that are not pleasing in the Lord's sight into positive things and focus on all good aspects of life, the world would be a better place.
  • Akuinor
    Brethren, let us keep our faith unwavering and with patience in tribulation, let us girdle our loins and be steadfast in the Lord, for yet a little while he that shall will come.
    It is comforting to know that people in the "BODY of CHRIST", CARE enough to monitor progress, (or not) of new converts. JESUS takes care of us somehow!
  • Clint
    Amy, are you referring to vs. 10 where it says we will be saved from the wrath to come? That refers to the wrath that will come upon the whole world, not the rapture of the saints (that will happen) vs. 10 says because we are saved we will not have any wrath directed at us believers!
  • This comment proves a pre-tribulation rapture, and how to be in it. It shows that the church of Thessalonica was "waiting” for the return of Jesus.
  • Pecho Carol
    The gospel has its enough power, so friends lets do our good work of faith,labour of love,and patience of hope knowing that in all Christ is our living hope. considering that he did not wait for us to cry out to HIM before he could love us considering 1Thessalonians 1:9 If life seems meaningless Christ loves us with real LOVE.
  • Agness
    I love that Stripture
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Thank God that the Thessalonians turned from idols, to serve the true, and the living God.
    They as we have to do the same to be saved, and wait on the blessed hope, which is the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We as believers need to encourage one another by praying without ceasing. The Holy Spirit will open the eyes of the elect to receive the gospel for the salvation of their souls. Just as Jesus rose from the dead, we too will rise when he comes to take us to heaven to live with him forever. My friend that is the great news, and because of that death has no sting to the believer, nor the grave a victory. Jesus paid it all, and we praise him that he will come again, then our faith will become sight.
  • Phono
    The love of God is extended to humanity.To all who have received Christ, Paul encourage us to perceivere in all circumstances, one should never give up, always watching waiting and longing for Christ return. But in so doing we need to preach the word of reconciliation to a dying world under the influence of the Holy Ghost.
  • Marta
    This is a letter from paul to the church of love and prayer to them that heard the gospel through the spirit and believed and turned to the truth Paul is keeping them in prayer and encouraging them to continue in the Lord, it also shows how the Gospel spread all over the world even to non believers, that worshiped false Gods, and how the spirit taught them not just what was heard but through the receiving of the spirit, Paul is showing his love, and through his prayer for them and reminding them of the spirit of God that dwells in them.
  • Farma
    In so much as spreading the gospel to a dieing nation with the heart of acceptance of the gospel with the annoiting of distributing the word with power of the Holy Ghost recieving salvation with great joy.Suffering for christ sake of the gospel appealing to forigners, gentiles and jews alike to be free from the bondage of sin recieving the blessed hope. Through the death burial and ressurection of Christ.And through his blood that covers us all who recives His salvation. Thats what it says to me.
  • Susan Dalton for verse 10
    "And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come." (I Thessalonians 1:10)

    "Wait up for me."

    "wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus...
  • Susan Dalton for verse 10
    "And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come." (I Thessalonians 1:10)

    "You just wait and see" is something you hear people say at times. Usually they are encouraging someone, that though things seem one way now, in the future, they will be different.

    "You just wait and see."

    Faith, hope, and confidence, with patience, of the certainty of what will be.

    If we continue in faith and patience, in Christ, we will see - "you just wait and see."
  • Sis Bonnie
    I'm glad to read such a letter of encouragement, and words of wisdom that my holding to on to the blessed hope in my saviors coming is filled with exceedingly great JOY, not only in the life to come, but in this present world. The infallible, word of GOD allows us to rise above all the chaos, all the friction, all the uncertainties, as we bask in HIS presence. Be encouraged
  • JB3
    @Sylvia... I feel that Christians living in this Age of Enlightenment will definitely receive ample chance to read letters such as this; from modern day apostles; it's just a matter of time...
  • Eric Siwale
    The Fundamental work of the word (and the power of the Holy Spirit), must essentially turn men to the only and true God. Forsaking their idolatry and intentionally and willfully submitting to the Love of God. This is the assured hope and sealing of the Elects of God.

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