1 Samuel Chapter 9 Discussion

  • April on 1 Samuel 9
    God is our pillars to our foundations we walk upon,HE created man and land AND the Angels and the Heavens,HE of ALL knows that no matter your Size,Age,Family crest or how much land one posses,HE knows what is best at what time and for what,it is only our own foolishness and fleshy ways that prevents ourselves from remembering that we have choices,but he will always be apart or have the VICTORY!!!.
  • Iboro Udoh on 1 Samuel 9
    @Tapiwa: In verse 2 (...from his shoulders and upward he was higher than any of the people), this impresses on one that the next tallest person to Saul only reached him at his shoulder level, rather than that Saul had "the longest neck". Bless you.
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 9
    In verse 21 we see that King Saul started off viewing himself in a lowly and humble way. This was one of the reasons why God chose him to be king.
  • Blessed moyo on 1 Samuel 9
    when the Israelite requested for a king from Samuel, the appointment of Saul was not the best because according to Genesis 49 vs 10, the house of Judah was appointed by God to be the leaders of Israel. soul being a Benjamite , the grace for leadership was not as much upon him as it was upon the descendants of Judah, David and Solomon. His end was not very pleasing
  • Tapiwa on 1 Samuel 9
    Kish a rich man, mighty man of power , the asses were not valuable animals, now note that Saul had a long neck for v2 he was taller from the shoulders upward, this means that he had the longest neck....Kish sent saul in e company of the servant,...note also that soul said my father is now worried on v 5.....the quarter of a shekel is that which gave the two the courageto go and see the seer samuel even though it was God 's plan....now the long neck is representing a mystery of the days of grace until the coming back of the head of the church which is Christ, the body is the new testament church in this case,..the asses are the donkeys for they were not animals of such value to the lsrealites but because of the love kish had for the donkeys he had to send his choicest son that non could be compared to him... john 3 v 16 now the servant is Angel Gabriel who came and told mary to her shock that blessed art thou among all woman..Luke 1v 28-29 mary was troubled at this saying...therefore the angel is representing the Kish 's servant, now the period they spent looking for the donkeys represent two things..th ministration of the word in three years of ministry and also the three days and three nights which Christ was at the heart of the world and the quaRTER OF A SHEKKEL REFERS TO THE BLOOD OF CHRIST WHICH HE PRESENTED TO GOD PERFOMING HIS PRIESTHOOD OFFICE DUTIES AS THE LAST PRIEST, BEING GIVEN A HIGH SEAT SOUL IS REPRESENTING CHRIST BEING GLORIFIED ...
  • Ira on 1 Samuel 9
    GOD chooses those in authority. When Israel asked for a new king, and rejected GOD they asked Samuel, Samuel asked GOD, and GOD chose Saul. HE is still doing that today.
  • Sinala Felix on 1 Samuel 9
    Think of the regalia in which Saul is when he leaves home, he is dressed just like his servant is. the attire is probably that of a mere poor herd boy,but only God knows that he has called him to royalty. There are times when we are expected not to worry about the donkeys in our lives.
  • Nhlanhla on 1 Samuel 9
    In the olden days Israelites frequented Prophets when faced with adversaries and that way they had a way out of any challenge.It was a taboo or unheard of that they would pay a visit to soothsayers, false prophets, astrologers, miracle workers or people using crystal ball as is the case nowadays.
  • Abel Subramony on 1 Samuel 9
    Saul was a righteous person and GOD always remembers the righteous.GOD planned for the donkeys to go astray so that Saul can go looking for it and he will meet with Samuel.There was no place at the table for any more people to eat but Samuel has given him the best seat and the best portion to eat because Saul was a humble person and he was exalted among all the other guest.The bible tells us that GOD resist the proud but gives grace to the humble.He who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted.
  • Nicholas on 1 Samuel 9:21
    We do not need to come into conclusion about our selves, friends and neighbours, coz of where they come from, what they are, what they do, there status or coz of the negative cir***stances. Every one has the hidden treasure in them, nomatter the colour. God knows who we are.

    God Bless you all.

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