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  • Lionel on 1 Samuel 3
    samuel 3:1_10
  • David - in Reply on 1 Samuel 3:3
    Thank you Lauren for your kind words. May the Lord's Hand continue to shine on you and yours. Be safe during your celebration of our country-July 4th.
  • Lauren - in Reply on 1 Samuel 3:3
    Thank you for this word! God bless you too, and Happy 4th!
  • David on 1 Samuel 3:3
    Thank you Lord for the example given by Samuel, though young - he heeded the Word of God and did not allow it to "fall." 3:19. May we all be as disciplined. God bless everyone on this forum.

    Happy 4th of July, 2021 to all.
  • Deborah Piret on 1 Samuel 3:10
    I sensed in my spirit the Lord revealing a couple of scriptures to me and I looked these up

    I have been saved and filled with his Sweet Holy Spirit a pretty long time. I was taught to

    spend time in the Word of God and pray. We had memory verses in Sunday School and I

    got to memorize quite a bit of scripture; I did not seem to enjoy the Word of God as much

    as a 12 year old as I did when I got older & really gave my life to the Lord completely. When

    I finally gave the Lord 1st place in my life that is when the Word of God became very alive

    to me. When I was not committed to the Lord it was at 1st hard for me to read it. Very early

    this morning the Spirit of God/LOVE Ministered to me/I Love The Lord/& THE WORD
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 Samuel 3:18
    Eli seemed to have been a worthy priest in his day but found lacking in his fatherly duties & responsibilities. His feeble checking of his sons' misbehaviour didn't carry through to a stronger discipline or removal from their positions. Maybe Eli didn't have the proper parental fortitude to stand up to his sons' evil ways, or he might have been forced to overlook the matter for the sake of having 'ministering priests' available, there being no one else.

    And we can see this type of thing happening when there isn't proper discipline taken in the home or the Church. For some, their elevated position & almost spiritual infallibility seem to give them licence to what they please & there being none strong enough to warn them or deal with them. Or take the example of a pastor or missionary who is so heavily involved in ministry, demanding almost all his time & energies, yet neglecting the spiritual & emotional welfare of his own family. How often we hear of these children, who ought to be wonderful examples of the Lord's servants, but having left the Church & leading lives of sinful abandon. The Lord's Work begins first in the home, the proving ground for higher service; 1 Timothy 3:4,5.
  • I do not understand this verse. Eli was a priest and I believe he could have done something to salvage the situation. Why accept such a gruesome future.

    This warning was coming to him a 2nd time, he should have rebuked his sons and done all he could to stop them from continual desecration of the house of God. If he could sense the voice of God, then he should know that God will do what he has said. Why not be remorseful and take appropriate actions to stop his sons. That's what I would have done, even if my sons threatened to kill my flesh, bcos God can kill both the flesh and the soul. Why did Eli accept this faith?
  • Adam - in Reply on 1 Samuel 3
    Hello, I'm not sure if you'll get this or not- depends on if you check back or put in your right email.

    But you seem to be asking others to offer things to you. This site and others have lots of encouraging verses, inspirational images, and dialog. But have you first tried searching? Have you tried reading some of the Bible? I noticed you asked for comments instead of Bible verses. We should put our hope and trust in God's Word, not man's words. Have you tried praying to God? God bless.
  • Anonymous on 1 Samuel 3
    Please give me some enouraging comments about hope and love and help not worring about almost everything. I am struggling al little with depression just need few uplifting comments
  • Christine Webb on 1 Samuel 3
    I have been so blessed to come across your online bible!! All of my bibles are written in such small text that it was difficult for me to read it often. God bless you!!
    Thank the Lord that we do not have to endure this kind of persecution in the USA.

    We have really really seriously PRAY for these Christian people who live in a very bad place.

    It shows us exactly how murderous the Antichrist will be in the less distant future here too.

    Please don't tune it out. Somebody do a serious teaching on The Apostasy and the Falling Away. I believe it's starting to raise its head now.


    How many more innocent Christians have to die before the world takes action?

    A week ago we told you the number of Nigerian Christians murdered by Islamic radicals had tripled to more than 1,200. We warned you that the deadly violence wasn't showing signs of slowing down.

    This week it's now closer to 1,300 Christian men, women, and children who have been targeted for death for their faith. It was just reported that Islamic extremists killed 33 more Christians in about 24 hours.

    In a blitzkrieg attack, radical Islamic Fulani herdsmen in armored trucks and motorcycles stormed Christian villages, gunning down helpless victims and burning down homes.

    These are not just isolated incidents. It's an epidemic of deadly violence. If the Nigerian government can't - or won't - do anything to stop the bloodshed, we have to.

    The ACLJ has gone directly to the United Nations to urge international leaders to intervene. If we don't act soon, it will be too late. We are making an urgent submission to the U.N. in just THREE days, demanding action. (6-20-20)

    We're fighting to SAVE CHRISTIANS and defend their right to worship freely without fear of violent persecution and death. We urgently need YOU.

    Google ALCJ and go to petitions. Mishael
  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on 1 Samuel 3
    Goodness and mercy shall follow thee all the days of our life ,we shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Is there any found righteous? Satan is doing all he can to hide anything that is good. As long as Christs dwelling place is in our hearts satan cannot corrupt the house of God. Being carnally minded is not part of Gods house. We are his instruments doing his will always. There will come a time when there will be no more sacrifice for sin. God will judge all things that pertain to His kingdom!The most absolute important thing is prayer, and abiding in Christ, that the Holy Spirit will be a light unto thy path!
  • Mishael - in Reply on 1 Samuel 3
    What the woman above said could be truth.

    Evil men prosper when good men do nothing. Probably hoping someone else will do something. Is this herd mentality?

    If God shook the earth, then so can we in our prayer life; specifically spiritual warfare life. Prayers move heaven into action.

    Jesus says to pray for our enemies.

    Matthew 12:44 and Romans 12:14

    I explored this principal and found it to be true! I worked in a company that was full of people stepping over people to claw their way to the top. They got promoted, but I had years of pleasant work days without all the meanness and stress.

    The sermon on the mount is full of working principals.
  • Sandy on 1 Samuel 3
    Chapter 11 thru 14 is so powerful. God will do a thing to make us hear. Then if we don't no amount of sacrifice will cover us. Terrifying. I am curious about chapter 13. Could this also apply to our nation as well? as people put Satan above all, not individual who believe, but an unsaved millions, and we have been unable to stop it thru the vote because of satanic rebellion, do we bare a certain responsibility,, and therefore are herded into compounds so to speak. Do we accept it as guilt? Failure? Right now our nation is on fire. We now have in the congress, the most evil people. I didn't vote for them. But over the years have I been a Eli that just let things happen. I am not looking for any absolution but desperately trying to understand how we got where we are. I know God has all of it under control. Love God's word.
  • Tunde Afodunrinbi on 1 Samuel 3
    Powerful scripture which we should all learn from, we should not accept everything, Eli did not pray to God for forgiveness, he kept his mouth shut after he was told what God said, meaning he accepted it, Take Jonah for instance, after he prayed to God,the fish vomitted him, may be if Eli had ask for forgiveness, he might have obtain mercy from the Lord,
  • Stephen Excel Osakue on 1 Samuel 3
    God speaks again and again, once I have spoken, and twice you will hear it. God is still speaking to His children today. If only we could pay attention, and listen, we will hear what the Lord is saying to us. Can you pray this prayer with me : "Lord, speak for your servant is listening." May you hear His voice today.
  • April on 1 Samuel 3
    When I think of all the scriptures pertaining to listening to GOD,he is our FATHER and like our parents in this life on Earth they have tried to get us NOT to do certain things or want us to OBEY,and GOD IS our FATHER,and when we don't listen there IS consequences for our actions,a grounding of some sort,or we are led astray,he is our FATHER,do we harken to our parents,if not will we to GOD?Amen.
  • Peter A. Okebukola on 1 Samuel 3
    Verse 19 is particularly instructive. "None of His words fall to the ground". God will say what He says He will do.
  • Oshane on 1 Samuel 3
    This is a very powerful scripture it shows us that we should live a holy life or there will be consequences.
  • Lorna on 1 Samuel 3
    Eli didn't take Samuel's message from the Lord seriously he could pray to the lord for his son's wayward living and he him self should seek God for giveness ,this chapter tells us to be careful of the ways we live our lives because God sees everything we do. Also to teach our children how to live godly at a young age so that when they are old it will not depart from them.
  • Vince on 1 Samuel 3
    When the lord speaks it will come to pass and with fire
  • Fidel on 1 Samuel 3
    We have to position ourselves to be able to hear from God. When we are pure God can speak and use us to the advancement of His glory.
  • Rev. Wanda M. Shoap on 1 Samuel 3
    "Kenneth Burgess" about 1 Samuel Chapter 3...
    "Did Ezekiel physically see GOD?" Though 1 Samuel 3 is not speaking about Ezekiel-- but Samuel-- neither of them physically saw God. The word of the LORD came (spoke) to Ezekiel. He looked and he saw a vision as the LORD's hand was upon him. Ezekiel 1:3 They both are excellent examples as to how the Lord speaks to us, beside through scriptures.
  • Kenneth Burgess on 1 Samuel 3
    Did Ezekiel physically see GOD?
  • Cosmas on 1 Samuel 3
    We have a responsibility to make sure our children do not do that which does not please God, even if we are to use coercion to achieve the same, otherwise God will hold it against us that we saw knew what evil our children are doing and didn't stop them.
  • Michelle Scott uylett on 1 Samuel 3
    This chapter tells us that you don't have to be an adult for God to speak to you,and that when you are serving the Lord you have to keep is everlasting standard ,eli knows what is sons were doing and he did not restrain them,and god let Samuel prophecies unto the people ....amen
  • Audrey on 1 Samuel 3
    This scripture is showing how God uses the lad to deliver a message in a vision to his father. Because Eli household was not concentrating on God when he speaks, their ears were deaf to his voice. The iniquities of his sons prevented God 's voice from penetrating their ears. Thus God uses Samuel, the youngest one to inform Eli that He will destroy his house because of the sins being committed for which he did nothing. Brethrens let us be open to receive His voice because it makes a difference to our lives. When he speaks it releaves our troubled minds. Its the only voice that always makes a difference and i 'll follow one day at a time. "Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth ". Amen
  • Mercy luchanga on 1 Samuel 3:13
    This book shows how God can use a junior person to pass information to elders. And that God is God!
  • Ms.Butler on 1 Samuel 3
    If u go back to the second chapter u will find link to 13verse. He knew what his sons was doing and didn 't punish them so yes they cursed every generation after them by not respecting Gods orders .

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