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  • Tim
    If at any time you are reading God's word and come to a place you do not understand, just ask God what it means. He will answer.
    I have studied this story many times because I believe it is a warning to those who would become involved in witchcraft to see what happened to King Saul because he believed a witch had power. She screamed when she saw Samuel, so she didn't bring him up from the dead. Only God has power over life and death. On TV and movies actors try to convince people they are powerful.
  • Paul
    I believe your right...This message came from God, not from a spirit conjured up by a witch.... God knew that Saul was going to see this witch, and God made sure Saul learned a lesson....
  • Michael
    Samuel tells u there is life after death. And he is not in heaven. Talking the death is real! So says the book.
  • Gloria Lilly
    The witch cried out and was surprised to see the real Samuel. God did allow Samuel to come and speak to Saul to repeat his message to the disobedient servant. He was able to get the message from the person he sought instead of God. God can make a donkey talk if he wants. This was a rare case but did happen.
  • BSP
    Saul had strayed so far from God that he turned to divination. We must make sure that we trust in God or we may be tempted to turn to uncanny means to find out about a matter.
  • April
    Saul made a BIG BIG mistake, he didn't kill the Amorities, now he's turning to sorcery :-0, Big,Big, No,No!,he was already going to be dealt his consequences, for the Amorities, now Sorcery,in my opinion, NOT very smart, one thing on top of another,I will Admitt here,I at a . fell into thinking if I could do "good" things with Wicca,it'd b ok,I burned all my books and REPENTED,how BLIND I was:(.
  • Irene123
    No, you are being judgmental. It does NOT become 'my' opinion if I don't give scripture - if one takes the time to reference a word or more to find the scriptures. Here are your scriptures: Ps. 68:18; Eph. 4: 8-9. I post to people on here who are concerned with the word of God; not with 'debaters'.
  • Lu2677
    Irene, you said on this discussion page that Satan held the souls from entering heaven that were born before Christ's ascension. I asked for verse to prove it. Is this what you were searching for when you mentioned in on Psalms 19 page?
  • A disciple
    The Lord Jesus told a story; (that He had evidently witnessed); about a poor beggar named Lazarus; who was eventually freed from his most miserable life, and granted life eternal; because "In his life he had evil things, and now he is comforted." Not a word about a religious rite having to be done, or even mention of a prayer! Yet God loved him, and did not forget ANYTHING of all that he suffered!
  • Lu2577
    Irene 123 What scripture says Christ freed the captive dead saints from the clutches of Satan after his ascension. And where did he hold them captive? If you do not substantiate what you say with scripture, it becomes your opinion. Opinions won't save, correct, or edify anyone. You say"it's God's word";what book and verse? From the KJV, reference from one the 66 books,please.
  • Irene123
    Bruce - Read v. 22 again. It says, if any says to his BROTHER (or sister) IN THE LORD. I referred to sinners who dabble, or are serious, in the black arts. C'mon guys; read your Bible.
  • Irene123
    LU2677 - No, they WERE saved. At that time (different dispensation) satan held all souls from entering Heaven - as the time of the age of grace was not yet in effect. God still controlled satan; he could not hurt those saints, at all. After His ascension Jesus freed them. They were fine. Look, this is God's word, not mine. If I can understand it so can anyone - IF they want to.
  • Lu2677
    "Satan held captive every soul that died" Are you saying that David,Moses,Abraham,Isaac,Jacob,Daniel,Joshua,and all the other godly men that died before His crucifiction,etc,etc were not godly men? Did they worship satan? I hope for your soul's sake you are not saying this! Irene.
  • Bruce
    Irene: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool,shall be in danger of help fire. Matthew 5:22---
  • Irene123
    V. 12 - The soul is eternal. Jesus came to redeem the soul and to reconcile man with God. Adam had given that authority and power of death over humans' souls to the serpent. Until Jesus died and conquered death, satan held captive every soul that had died from the time of Adam's sin. This explains why the witch of Endor could call up Samuel to talk to Saul (1 Sam. 3-20). Cont.
  • Fran comments 12/6/16 11:50 PM
    The bible does say that the dead know not anything. But maybe this time God may have allowed Samuel to come up for our learning. We have to also remember that Jesus went down into hell and preached to the souls after he was crucified. This may have given Saul a second chance. Remember also that God allowed Saul to be changed. Read whereby God turned his heart after he was anointed by Samuel.
  • Peter T
    Leviticus 19:31 Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.

    Leviticus 20:6 And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.
  • Robert
    The whole point had been missed! It was not Samuel, only perceived by Saul to be him. It was a familiar spirit (or demon) that had been raised up by the conjuring of the Witch of Endor. It could not be Samuel because he was just a mortal man that had died, and the familiar spirit was only impersonating him.
  • Rob
    This passage has alot of ways to interpret it. Especially the raising of Samuel.
    First, Saul to get to the witch (familiar spirit) at Endor he would have had to walk through thr Philistine camp site. If you iook at the map of the area of that time, Gilboa was on one peak and Shunem was on the other, separated by the Jezreel Valley. Endor was behind the Philistines camp at Shunem.
  • Tim
    If God's word says it was Samuel, then it was Samuel. The old woman is quoted as saying she saw 'gods ascending out of the earth'. This observation of the woman is obviously wrong but is correctly quoted; However, the divination did happened and is a warning that these occult practices are real and not harmless games. Beware If you need these things beyond prayer, how far have you drifted from God
  • Jaimon
    The spirit that came before Saul
  • Dewey J
    Jane, what you say is true but v11 and 15 of this chapter the Scriptures definitely as well as clearly states that the spirit was Samuel. Glory be to God in the highest through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Amen.
  • Jane
    Whether it was samuel or not let us obey God and do not do it. We can't understand everything and we sin if we search for God secret thing he has not expose to us in last chapters of deutorony Moses warned about the secet things of God. Saul was a finished man due to inpatience to wait on God by not waiting for samuel he made sacrifice that was his first offence.
  • Ck
    I read on another site that it wasn't Samuel's spirit. So was it Samuel or not?
  • Jerry for verse 7
    I believe as the bible said " It was Samuel else how can we believe anything the bible say if God can 't say what he means and mean what he says.
  • Mungai Peter
    If God refuses to give you direction when in crisis, there 's no need looking for direction elsewhere because you will wander further away from God. When God refused to answer Saul, he should have just waited, allowed God to have His way and just stick to Him. His mercies never come to an end. Seeking divination from familiar spirits made a bad situation worse. The solution you seek to a problem should not be greater problem, creating a deeper crisis.
  • Mayter
    Saul did not utterly destroy the Philistines. He spared their King for the spoils of the war thus Angering God. Samuel had to finish killing Agag, as God had instructed. Also Saul looked upon a witch for guidence this also angered God,leading to his death the next day.
  • Rick Liberato
    We all know the difference between a true prophet and a false prophet. The true prophet 's prophecy will come to pass and we know what happens to the false prophet 's prophecy. God is Sovereign and Saul did die along with his sons and the prophecy came true. In rebelling against God, Saul became an enemy of God. James is clear when it says that friendship with the world is enmity with God.
  • Bryan Petree
    I believe that once saved always saved. This is why verse 19 you and your sons will be with me tomorrow. Did you know Saul killed 19 levical priesthood and showed no repentance.

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