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  • Debbie
    I guess my biggest sorrow in Samuel are the killings of people. Kill them, take their animals, land, whatever is wanted. Bothers me that there was no compassion for people and their families. Just kill them. What made this okay?
  • Shane
    be carefull with Questions that may call ur beliefs into question,who am i to say what God can do or not do.Or being the vessle from the potters clay Say"WHY"did you do this and make me this way?history has your answers,earlier man was savage,brutal,and Lost without hope no reasoning,they were butchers.and so it was an eye for an eye.Isreal were to possess the land clearing the way as they went...
  • April
    So many of us comprimise ourselves for the ways of others or for the fear of how others will precieve or think about us,we lose our core values,that voice that says this isn't you,don't do it,we get lost along the way but with God on our side,we BECOME the light in the darkest of places,think of the 8 ball in pool,all black but the white circle in the middle,thats the light you carry:) GOD BLESS U
  • Irene123
    David was a 'backslider' here in going to the Philistines for protection. He (temporarily) lost faith in God. Had he sought God's will in this situation with Saul God would have given him a better way; God is the 'way maker'. But he looked to his own wisdom in this - which displeased God, but God kept him anyway because God knew his heart.
  • Rev. Howard Lewis
    I think deception is a big part of our lives today. Deceiving the government and our employers in the work place. Even in the church, pretending to be something we are not just to get ahead in life or ahead of someone else.
    This deception has cause us to take on the David syndrome of misleading only ourselves into the captives of hell, in which I myself am guilty from my ignorance. Forgive me.....

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