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  • A disciple
    A man once anointed, but afterwards rejected by God; now is invaded by demons to harass and torment him by the presence of a man better than himself, mightily filled with the Spirit of God, and a man after God's own heart. A frightened priest. A sneaking heathen "Yes-man" spying for the wicked, and ready to murder in a moment. The man of God kept out of reach from the plots of the wicked by God.
  • Anne
    Fear can cause us to lose our faith and trust in God to keep us from harm.
    For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.
  • April/Linda ncube
    I believe here detained is referring to held up or there to worship,therefore it could be he was there to praise father,and detained in that purpose or GOD detained him there so he couldn't leave and tell Saul right away,but I'm thinking he was there to worship GOD that day,but as we all can tell nothing with GOD is a coincidence,:), all goes accordingly to plan,this is just my opinion of course:)
  • Linda ncube
    what does it mean "for Doeg was detained of the Lord'',,,
  • Ira
    Though a man of war David chose the flee rather than stand against government.
  • Catherine O. Behome
    It was good for David to run to the house of God in times of trouble but it was not right to lie to the priest for food,weapon and also about his mission. As christians we must be truthful to ourselves in times perplexity.For God is our portion.

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