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  • Catey on 1 Samuel 2
    All souls belong to God . We all have a purpose in life . We all were created by God . He wants all souls to be SAVED, and all can be if they follow his word. It tells us how to live , what to do , what not to do . How to look for a help meet in life a companion. We're not to just take anyone to be our husband or wife . God has guidelines for us all to follow.

    He told us to seek the kingdom of God first and then all these things would added unto us. God also tells us to be patient . Wait on him. God never fails he's alway true and faithful . Its people who let Hid down by not trusting in his word and living his word , not just saying your a Christian, but actually living it out the Bible way .

    Yes we can all live it . God said in Several Chapters Go an sin No more . Would God tell us to Not sin if we couldn't do it by his help and Grace? No, he wouldn't . John 3 ch. John 8 ch. ,John 5 ch. Romans 6:1-2 Romans 3:23-25 1 John 3:1-11 all these and there's more . We all need to be ready when the Lord comes back . Oh what a day of Rejoicing it will truly be fir his Saints .the really saved . Not just say I am when not. Can't go to Heaven with any type of sin in your life at all. None of us . 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 , Galatians 5:16-21.Gid came to show us the way he wants all Souls to be Saved Ezekiel 18:4. If we put God First he will give us also the desires of our heart to . But , we need to very careful what we ask for to have .It can hinder you in walking with God daily or even cause you to go astray from God and never get back .

    If you Seek the kingdom of God First Let God Know you truly want to live for him and do as his word tells us and do it from the Heart . Let God know your willing to do it his way . Get o. Your knees and ask for forgiveness , if you've sinned . Truly Repent and to never go back to sin . God will bless your life . Genesis 2:18

    "And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him."
  • Stephanie on 1 Samuel 2
    "Shall" and "will" are a little hard for me to grasp. What would an excellent translator say is the distinction he is making when he chooses one or the other verb? And is it found in the original language? Or is it a distinction a skilled translator understands from context? When it says in 1 Sam. 2:8, "He will keep the feet of his saints, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness; for by strength shall no man prevail," does the distinction between will and shall rise from the WILLINGNESS of the One who keeps his saints, while in the "shall" phrases -- to be silenced in the dark and to not prevail by strength -- these are UNWITTING CONSEQUENCES of someone's choice to act in such a way as to experience being silenced/not prevailing?
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    That's an interesting observation & has merit. Of course, in normal rules of grammar, this may not be applicable, as the words 'will & shall' are used according to first, second, or third person pronouns. Yet in 1 Samuel 2:9, there is a clear use of 'force', & when put in the same sentence as in verse 9, it gives the reader the sense that the One Who "keeps the feet of His saints" does so with His Own Authority & Power, as opposed to the lesser being ("the wicked") who can only remain "silent in darkness" as he comes before the One with the authority.

    Then in verse 10, "shall" is used again, when I would have thought, that "will" might be more appropriate, given the strength of the language used. Maybe though, the writer continues with the same thought as expressed in verse 9, showing that the wicked not only has to humbly & quietly remain in darkness before the Lord, but also be subject to being visited by Him through mishap & judgement. The wicked might deem himself to be the one in authority & by his own supposed 'wisdom & power' direct himself & the world's affairs, but he "will or shall" (depending on the writer's emphasis), recoil when confronted by the One Who reigns righteously by His Own Authority & Power.
  • Aaron lane on 1 Samuel 2
    i had a message from god in a dream , in that dream i got a old video game where planes battle againts planes , the game is called 1942. Then i awoke to a alarm in my head going brrrr brrrr and got a message to read samuel 1 and 2. don't really read the bible as find it to hard to make sence ,
  • Stephanie - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    Aaron Lane, I will tell you what I think. There is a battle in the spiritual realm (airplanes indicate that the action is in the spiritual dimension). It is a battle of world significance (as in 1942). Hannah's prayer in chapter 2 shows that only those whose faith is in the Lord win their battle. The proud, even though they are mighty on earth, eventually fail. The dream is meant for you to take heart and to intercede for the world's current events in faith that the "mighty" in their pride (1 Samuel 2:3) are fighting with broken weapons (1 Samuel 2:4), while those who seemed to be overpowered are in fact "girded with strength" -- the battle is the Lord's and he alone has the power to "lift up" and to give strength.

    The Lord is showing you how to pray. Jesus has promised us if we ask anything according to his will, God does it. He is basically doing for you what is meant in 1 Sam 2:8. He is lifting you up and inspiring a prayer that will be world-changing. He is acknowledging your humility and your passion for Good to win. By acknowledge God as the one who established the earth, you are more powerful than "the mighty" because "not by might does man prevail," but the battle belongs to the Lord.
  • Aaron - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    Thank you , you have just helped me , I have taken a screen shot of your comment . I'll save it.

    Kind regards

    Aaron lane
  • Stephanie - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    :) I'm happy you found it helpful. Bless you.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    I have played that game. If I was you I would read those chapters.
  • Lisa on 1 Samuel 2:2
    Our father in heaven is our rock and he goes by many names. Out of all names why I don't see YAH! IS THAT HIS NAME TOO. It is a blessing to know that are father in heaven is Holy Amen!
  • Mishael on harvesting on 1 Samuel 2
    Nobody AGREES on when the Rapture takes place! As if we know more than Jesus?!

    Only God the Father knows.

    Get your lamp filled with oil.

    We're told to be ready and watching.

    Jesus said if you love me, feed my sheep.

    He said go ye; the Harvest is ready. The workers are few.

    My co-workers put coal in my Christmas stocking every year. I said at least give me enough to warm a hotdog! Next Christmas I get 2 lumps of coal.

    What are we doing with the Gift that Jesus has given to us?
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia on 1 Samuel 2:8
    For the pillars of the earth are the LORD'S, and he hath set the world upon them.

    May I ask - a simple question?


    Let God be true and every man a liar (Romans 3:4)
  • Mitchell Wright - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2:8
    That is a metaphore for the foundation of the world. The bible talks about paths in the seas in Psalms 8, and really that is talking about ocean currents. Pillars of Creation are also mentioned and you dont see those either.

    This is the truth.
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2:8
    Peter, clearly the word 'pillars' in 1 Sam 2:8 should be understood as 'foundations', just as a house that is supported on pillars firmly attached to its foundations. It can't be understood as literal pillars - it wouldn't make any sense. Therefore, the foundations are not literal but speak about all that God had decreed & purposed for mankind (see previous verses).
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2:8
    Well God bless you abundantly Chris - whether pillars or a foundation, On a spinning ball Earth model - Neither can be possible . in fact as you said a house, or I say this tent (with a firmament over it) the Lord has provide for us us to dwell in - Must have a foundation

    Psalms 61 is just one of the many places the earth is referred to as having ends or corners - In all the years I have lived on this Earth - I have never seen a ball with ends or corners!!

    Even the controlled media gets all confused trying to keep the lie - I ask you this - How many times have you heard the expression " We bring you news from all corners of the GLOBE" rather a strange statement - Don't you think?

    Anyhow mate - "Let God be true and every man a liar"

    Earths cosmology has nothing to do with salvation - BUT! Everything to do with DECEPTION

    Once again Chris - May the lord God almighty bless you and your family abundantly

    I only reply to comments once, as I find it fruitless volleying emails back and forth - Lets both pray for revelation of the truth from the builder himself - Flick him a prayerful email in the Spirit and see what his reply is - I'm 100% happy with my answers
  • Elizabeth F McVeigh - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    I have found there is deception in every area of man's knowledge. The Bible is the only truth. I believe the scriptures say the earth is flat. I am interested to know how you interpret the earth having corners and yet being a circle.
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    Elizabeth, there have been & will be a lot of comments thrown about on this subject. I don't want to buy into it, but to ask you three questions:

    1. have you ever seen a tall ship coming in from the (flat) horizon? You can use a pair of binoculars to get a better view, but what do you see? First the upper part of the ship appears (i.e. the funnel, mast or bridge), then the lower part appears (i.e. the hull). Why is this? Now, if the Earth was flat, we should see the whole ship as soon as it comes into view, shouldn't we, & not parts of it?

    2. have you actually seen a Lunar Eclipse, i.e. when the Earth comes between the Sun & the Moon & casts its shadow on the Moon. Again those binoculars will come in handy if you want to see one clearly, but when you look at the progression of a full lunar eclipse, what is the shape of the Earth's shadow on the moon? Is it straight line? Or does it reveal a slight curve, depicting a small portion of the circumference of the Earth?

    3. and in reference to Isaiah 11:12: "four corners of the Earth". It has already been explained that this is just an expression to denote the 'full expanse of the Earth'. But why I mention this now is because of what you just wrote: "I have found there is deception in every area of man's knowledge". Now, we all know that "area" is a lineal measurement & it would be difficult to ascribe that measurement to man's knowledge, since knowledge is stored in groups of neurons in the brain & difficult to measure in lineal terms. So, to be true to English usage in this regard, we must admit that maybe, just maybe, the 'four corners of the Earth' are not literal corners, just as 'every area of man's brain' is not a literal measurement.
  • Mishael on Flat Earth Theory - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    You'd be interested in Googling 'pillars of the earth' and looking at some of the art people have imagined (set google on images). It gets wild :D

    A lot of people in 1200s and forward we're working on scientific theories.

    Actually, 2000 years ago, they figured the earth was following the same path every day around the Sun.

    The short of it (lots of proof by NASA); moons travel around planets; planets travel around the Sun. Then the wild cards: comets and meteors.

    Earth is the only planet held in the sweet spot of our universe. Atmosphere,

    Gravity, Ozone, Water, Oxygen, Nitrogen, etc.

    The biggest thing about it is what happens in 2nd Peter 3:4-12. It's all gonna burn.

    Oh, and verse 3: Knowing this first, that there shall come in the Last Days scoffers, walking after their own lusts.

    PBS.org has many videos of these wonders we discuss. Photos of Pluto which is sadly not a planet anymore I guess ?
  • Peter Grant - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    Greetings and Gods blessings to you Elizabeth - So invigorating to find someone that believes God's word as truth and not the idol theories of men that (try as may) discredit his Creation - There as so many that say "OF course I believe in creation and not evolution, yet refuse to as accept FACT described in Genesis and many other Books that totally disprove a spinning ball Earth!

    The Earths cosmology is not as simple as flat or round. From what I understand from the study I have been doing over the last five years, from others, far more knowledgeable than I in this subject.

    There are many more dimensions, Realms, energy fields and forces way beyond our comprehension that make up this realm we perceive as 3D reality.

    Here is what I believe - The Earth is a circle (not a ball) with the ice wall of the Antarctic holding in the great Oceans - Water is always level and can not bend ( it's referred to as Sea level?) - I ask this question also - Why do they call Antarctica as the "Arctic Circle?" This circle we live on has a dome over it (The firmament) with the stars Sun & Moon revolving within this circlet. It's a bit hard to go into great detail, but to simply put it Heaven is described as having corners also - This could mean the circle and the dome are contained in the realm of heaven that is square and has corners - Believe me Elisabeth, I am continually asking for wisdom to understand the Masterpiece of the Almighty- But who can know the mind of Yahweh " But he asks us to to be truthful and search with faith and honesty" - As proverbs says "Knowledge is a principle thing"

    I trust what I have learnt has help you on your quest for the truth of the Earths cosmology

    Of this one thing I am totally sure - No man NASA or Scientist will ever convince me we live on a Ball spinning at a 1000 MPH then at 67,000 around the Sun there is no way those sorts of speeds could not be detected and you know what -

    THEY CAN NOT!! Gods richest blessings to to you and your family
  • Adam - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    Hi Elisabeth,

    I agree there is great deception and I agree the Bible is truth and accurate and I've read the whole Bible and have never read anywhere where it says the earth is flat. I read the opposite though, that the Earth is a circle. I interpret this as a sphere and this can easily be tested and confirmed with GPS, math, going high altitude and seeing the curvature yourself, or flying around the world. Have you ever flown transcontinental? All you have to do is buy a plane ticket to a destination on the opposite side of the earth as you and when you get there, make sure your return flight continues the same direction you want to go and you will return to where you started. So, you can fly the same direction and end up where you started. Obviously if the earth was not a globe this would not happen, and obviously you'd see an 'edge', but no, pilots and business people who fly millions of miles for work would have noticed such a thing by now if it existed.

    Psalms 61:2 does not use the word 'corners', it says end of the earth. To me this means the entire earth. 'End' is figurative. You could say the Earth 'ends' at the sky or where there is no more land, but the Bible has figurative language. Look at the rest of the same verse: lead me to the rock that is higher than I. If you interpret this literally, you could claim that you need to start rock hunting as if you're literally searching for a rock and that rock is higher than you, so it must be above your head- maybe even floating, because if it has a base then at least part of it would not be above you. But which way is up? What if you're upside down, do you still look for a rock above or below? Do you see what I mean by figurative vs. literal? End of earth is simply a phrase meaning the entire earth. For example, communion, when Jesus says eat my body and blood, do you think we're supposed to be vampires and literally eat him? No.

    What Bible verses do you believe support a flat earth?
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2:8
    Isaiah 40:22 It is he that sitteth upon the CIRCLE circle of the EARTH earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

    It is he that sitteth upon the CIRCLE circle of the EARTH earth,...SO IS THE EARTH A PANCAKE?

    So believe in Jesus and the flat earth and thou shalt be saved? really?

    How does believing in a flat earth edify the Lord or change anything?

    is the moon and the sun flat also?
  • Charlotte - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2:8
    Think of the word circle as a verb...The earth turns in a circle.. The word circle in the Hebrew also means compass,and circuit.

    Circuit also as a verb.move all the way around (a place or thing).

    As the earth does around the sun.

    Compass verb


    go around (something) in a circular course.

    As we know the earth does.

    Perhaps the word never implied the shape at all.
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2:8
    Well I'm LLLLLOL - it does't change a thing my friend - But It means you disbelieve Gods word and how he created this wonderful flat plain with a dome (firmament) we live on -

    Oh! by the way a circle is not a ball - I Won't reply to you after this - your reasoning is too narrow - And you try to convince me I'm in error with only 1 verse of scripture that is incorrect - I can give you over 200 that disprove your beloved spinning ball theory -May God Bless you abundantly Sir!!
  • Peter Grant Budgewoi Australia - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2:8
    All good - God Bless!
  • Adam on 1 Samuel 2
    Samuel is a such a great story. Amen.
  • DL Version on 1 Samuel 2
    George Woitzik .. Ive heard bout the controversy around flat vs round since the 60's. It has occured to me that even if it were proved to be flat, what would change other than our minds? It doesnt matter to me. Only one thing matters. Have I repented of all sin and do i obey Father's mitzvot ordinances, or commands , in Yeshua's name...
  • Paul jangara - in Reply on 1 Samuel 2
    Hannah show the goodness of GOD and praised and exalted HIM. I PRAISE HIM TOO. The Lord is wonderfull
  • I am that Michael Isaac Dale on 1 Samuel 2
    Who do ye hope to destroy by mocking my Holy Father, saying, Sounds like a flat earth? Repent of thy wickedness and thy lucre. For it is written, Look upon the rainbow, and praise him that made it; very beautiful it is in the brightness thereof. It compasses the heaven about with a glorious circle, and the hands of the most High have bended it. and, IT IS he that sits upon the circle of the earth:
  • George Woitzik on 1 Samuel 2
    Verse 8 pillars and ...set the world upon them.sounds like a flat earth.😁
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 2
    Verse 30~Jehovah God will honor those who honor him. This shows that he pays attention to our action and he will reward those actions if they bring honor to Him.
  • Akachukwu on 1 Samuel 2
    Hannah's prayer here is truly inspired. Inspired by Angels, who appreciate the infinite might of God. I have read this chapter many times and will continue to read it because in so doing I affirm my belief and remind myself of the power of our creator as well as queue myself appropriately with an understanding of my purpose as a human being made in the image and likeness of God.

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