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  • Aggrey on 1 Samuel 2
    Many people get the courage to pray but remember not to give thanks when they recieve.Hannah glorifies GOD and prophesies just like parents ought to do for their children.The shame of her barrenness was swept away and she rejoiced over her enemies.Imagine a person from the villages of the countryside sitting and dining with kings in Jerusalem.we need extraodinaly mov'ts inorder to get extraordinally miracles.
  • Bitrus sambo bako on 1 Samuel 2:30
    we are extremely privilege to be converted from sin, made believers & priest 1peter2:9. we carry GOD's presence & were made to offer daily sacrifice to HIM,so we ought to acknowledge this position & honor GOD in our lives.else we will be of little values before HIM.
  • Robin Ballard on 1 Samuel 2
    I think God deliberately shut up Hannah's womb, so that she in turn would cry out to him for a child, who in turn would serve God. The timing was perfect, because God would destroy Eli's sons and replace them with Samuel.

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