1 Samuel Chapter 1 Discussion

  • Cindy - in Reply on 1 Samuel 1:13
    Let me ask you something. Is your son born again? That is, has he accepted Jesus as his Savior?
  • Stanjett on 1 Samuel 1
    And when she had weaned him, she took him up with her, with three bullocks, and one ephah of flour, and a bottle of wine, and brought him unto the house of the LORD in Shiloh: and the child was young. How old do you think Samuel was when he was weaned? I would guess between 2 and 3 years old.
  • Patty Tozi on 1 Samuel 1
    My God is my Strength when l need Him. He is my Protector when l am lost. He is the Everlasting Love in my Life. I Pray to Him when l am in need. What can mankind do to me when He is so close. NOTHING!!! For my God is protecting me at all times. As He did His Son Jesus-- so will He do me. All l do is ask for direction from Him, in this Sinful World. And He leads me away to Safety.
  • Patty Tozi - in Reply on 1 Samuel 1
    The days we are in now, are the worse to see. Stay close to God. Keep the evilness away. Put the armor of God around you whereever you go. The words of God-- deep in your heart whenever the enemy comes in a weak moment. Stand strong always! Watch your surroundings. Prepare every day for a challege. Tackle it with the sword of God's Word. Praise His Holy Name!!!
  • Queen on 1 Samuel 1
    I thank God for all things. Those who seek God and wait on God, if it is in his will their prayers will be answer.
  • MSM on 1 Samuel 1
    "The Lord remembers, and Hanna releases"
  • Janet on 1 Samuel 1
    V. 27 Father, thank You for being faithful as we pray and wait.
  • Winnie Kyokunda Buziro on 1 Samuel 1
    I really, admire Hannah's character. She's so honorable, imagine, even after being bullied by Penninah, her co-wife she could not tell her husband what was going on! She kept everything to her heart. Even when they were in church she prayed in her heart-poured out her soul unto her God. Not like what happens nowadays in our churches where we shout on top of our voices for everyone to hear.
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 1
    Verse 28~Hannah was willing to "lend" her son to Jehovah God to be used in his service. She was definitely self-sacrificing.
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 1
    Verse 5~This verse doesn't mean that Hannah was cursed by God, but it means that he allowed her to be barren.
  • Sorbarilee N. on 1 Samuel 1
    Comment*My lesson from this passage is to dedicate what we've receive from God to his service as a proof of our appreciation of the gift.
  • John bosco Mukasa on 1 Samuel 1
    There will always be tensions and quarrels in a polygamous families, therefore polygamy is not Godly. According to Prov 30:16 A barren woman will never be satisfied, although Elkanah tried to give Hannah more than he gave other family members, she wasn't satisfied. Prayers, faith in God, fulfilling one's obligation to God and persistence make one to achieve his/her dream.
  • A disciple on 1 Samuel 1
    The nature of a bully is to abuse others in order to dominate them with cruelty and fear. The man or woman of God who walks in truth and speaks the truth to his or her neighbor, is then slandered and castigated by the immature and the selfish, who are unaccustomed to being corrected, and offended by wholesome teaching. Its not "religious oppression" to prod your brethren on to perfection!
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 1
    Verse 6: Peninnah bullied Hannah because she was jealous of her. This attitude is looked down upon here and it shows how Jehovah God views bullying.
  • Shine on 1 Samuel 1
    Four biblical steps we can learn from 1 Samuel 1
    1.She kept her promise to God
    2.She went to church
    3.She gave special offering - I Samuel 1 : 25
    4.She sang a Christian song 😃"There is none holy as the Lord there's none besides thee"
    Many of us we ask God to bless, but we don't keep our promise.
    Examples : God give a job and I will pay my tithe, do we pay it faithfully?

  • Anne on 1 Samuel 1
    I made a commitment to God and I believe he blessed me accordingly. Hannah made a commitment (vow) to God and he blessed her. Ps. 37:4 says 'delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart'.
  • Art on 1 Samuel 1
    This is a woman (Hannah) who loves God with all her Heart, Soul and Mind ask our God for a request and because God believed her he granted her request..basically LOVE ALWAYS CONQUERS ALL
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 1
    Hannah's circumstances had not changed in verse 18, but her viewpoint is what changed. We can choose to focus on the problem or we can focus on positive things like Hannah.
  • April on 1 Samuel 1
    Bruce:i was speaking more on the terms of saying I promise i will blah blah blah,I had promised God I would stop smoking herb,and I have been sticking to that,here and there,there IS this faint temptation,but I press on and over come it,I remeber what I said to him and if I said to him I promise I won't do this or that.not because I WANT something,well just to be closer to him,but I said I Promise
  • Lu2577 on 1 Samuel 1
    For the one who wrote;women were not suppose to "teach" in those day because they were not educated,not the case today". 1Sam.1:15"poured out my soul to the Lord"Luke2:37Anna was a widow,she did not depart from the temple,served God with fastings and prayers,night and day."Ruth,Esther,Sarah,Mary.(LUKE 10:39; women followed Jesus and was taught by him. Women were educated in the ways of the Lord)
  • Bruce on 1 Samuel 1
    April: To promise God---, they're already in Sin. God told us to ask: Be careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known unto God. Philippians 4:6/ this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to his will,he heareth us: if we know that he hear us---we have the petitions that we desire of Him. 1John 5:14-15
  • April on 1 Samuel 1
    I do remember reading in a prior book and other books throughout the bible, speaking on the part of promising something to God and or other people and if you break that promise it is considered a sin,it is better to not promise something with thy lios then to promise something and not follow through,father follows through his words,question is do we? I made a promise to God I am going to keep it!
  • Irene123 on 1 Samuel 1
    I have seen, so far, just one comment on the back pgs. - of 'deal making' with Gog: "Lord, if you will do this, I will do that." That will not work; God does not make deals; it's God's way or the hell way.
  • Agranpe M. Tanimowo on 1 Samuel 1
    Despite the discouragement words from Peninneh, Hannah used her Spiritul Instrucment which is prayer effectively and efficiently, another test came through the high priest, but Hannah was not discouraged because she was focused. Jesus told His disciples that "Howblt this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. She got answer to her prayer. May God give us the spirit of prayer.
  • Manasseh.kilemi from Tigania meru county on 1 Samuel 1
    God is God of promise:and every drop of tear you pour in the presences of the eyes of God there is a reward
  • Tim George on 1 Samuel 1
    Hannah is an example of a woman of God, who kept her composure, in a very difficult situation in life. She could have easily said, woe is me, but instead she submitted to the will of God. By offering Samuel to God, all the days of his life, she demonstrated that serving God is our highest calling in life, no matter what we have to suffer in order to do so.
  • Toni on 1 Samuel 1
    I think what stood out to me was that Hannah was so focused on what she didn't have, that she couldn't see what she did have. Be grateful for what you have and trust that God will reward you with the desires of your heart.
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 1
    In verse 7 Hannah was taunted so bad that she would weep and not eat. This shows how negatively our words may affect other people if we don't use them in an encouraging way.
  • Arthur Florence on 1 Samuel 1
    Ramath. has two wives and there are hannnah and peninneh

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