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  • Anonymous
    Bringing GOD's words into ur heart
  • Hannah for verse 19
    And they rose up in the morning early, and worshipped before the LORD, and returned, and came to their house to Ramah: and Elkanah knew Hannah his wife; and the LORD remembered her.
  • Annie
    God is the only good God.
  • Liberty zone
    It was ok.
  • Morgenmunds
    Itís very difficult to do what Hannah did, but we have to ask for the holy spirit to guide us. What we donít know is that we only make plans, but the decision comes from God. Hannah knew all this but some of us decide for God.
  • Philip Zolu
    In this chapter I learnt a lesson from Hannah in that no matter what you are going through, the first thing you do is to pray to God. Do not focus on the situation, just pray and have faith in God, because faith moves God to answer prayers. Hannah made a vow and fulfilled it. Very important in praying to God make a vow that you are able to fulfill, or donít, because God knows the heart. This chapter also made me to know that God really answers prayers.
  • Samuel Dura
    God is the giver of children.never depend on human they are disappointing
  • JosephGulley
    If we take what she did and apply it to the area of our lives where it is mostly needed. We will begin to see the power of Godís love and understand the miracle of prayer and faith.
    I feel the strongest about the last two verses the most. Hannah states, "27 For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him: 28 Therefore also I have lent him to the LORD; as long as he liveth he shall be lent to the LORD. And he worshipped the LORD there."Because throughout God's word, he tells us to petition our prayers. Any worries, sorrows or concerns. We are to petition them. He wants us to cry out to him in our time of need so that he can work necessary blessings in our life. Verse 28 basically concentrates on the fact that there also was a sacrifice made. In exchange of God giving Hannah that which she sought, she gave him her son also in return. What a beautiful arrangement for both parties to both hold their end of this union. Chapter one teaches me to not only petition, but also, make an outstanding sacrifice and sticking to it, while using what God has answered and blessed me with, for Good. The Lord doesn't always do all the work. Sometimes, in order to get anywhere with God, we have to meet him half way. Trusting he will do, what he says he will do and vice versa.
  • Louisa for verse 27
    i think it's good in developing one's faith, to trust God whenever we pray 1samuel 1;11.
    I realized that Confession by mouth is very important.Though there is a saying that says: God knows the heart but u still have to confess with your mouth what you actually needed. Hannah confessed with her mouth what she needed has God harkened to her request 1Sam 1:11.More so, making vow to back up your request is another important thing though it does not mean God will not answer your prayers if you do not back it up with vow.Hannah backed her request with vow and God harkened to her request.1 Sam 1:11.
    Another important thing is that one must be slow to anger. Hannah was not provoked when Prophet Eli told her for how long will she continue to drink but she responded saying she did not drink but rather she is pouring out her mind to God. 1 Sam 1: 14-17. Moreover, Faith is another lesson learnt. After Hannah had prayed to God and Eli told her to go in peace, she went and in peace and do away with every sorrow in her heart this shows she had faith that God has done what she requested for. 1 Sam 1:18.

    Fulfillment of vow is another keyword. After Hannah gave birth to Samuel she did not forget to fulfill vow unlike others that will say God has done it and they will not go back to fulfill the vow they made with God.
  • Sanobia
    I too think of Hannah when i look at my own situation. I too prayed and asked faithfully for a son and the LORD gave me him on 3/7/11. A true testimony that God hears prayers. Faith in God
  • Ojeka Michael
    there is great power accompanying fulfill vows and convenant.the vows hannah made, and her sincerity in pouring out her hart to God can not, but to produce Samuel.Most times when people refush to ask selfishly, God answeres plus an extra gift.So its very important people ask God with sinccerity and faith.Becouse in verse 18 it was recorded that after she (Hannah) has finish praying, she eat and she was not sad again, which means that she knew God has heard her prayer and she got the faith that will qualify her of having Samuel.
  • Kasak
    It is indeed a chapter to consider. Do not allow the enemy to see your tears or hear your cry, in the case of hannah she went to the house of the LORD to pour out her heart unto God. She requested for a male child and the LORD answered her accordingly, so learn to trust God in every situation you find yourself He will always see you through just be patient He has good plans for your life. J E S U S N E V E R F A I L S
  • Annie Mckenzie
    We need to have faith in god.
  • Josanne
    The children of my pastor are sinners and often when I am wrongfully rebuked and accused I often refer to the sins of these children. I now look at the example that is set when she did not justify herself for her sins. I am very sorry to my Lord and to others. Additionally I further understand that when the heart is grieved that it is difficult to speak but God hears the heart and that is satisfying enough. Thanks be to God for all his knowledge, wisdom and understanding
  • Fruitful
    I have written several messages that Samuel has served as biblical resources. One-Self pity-Hannah and Sarah felt sorry for themselves. They were barren. In those days being barren lowered a woman's worth. I tied in other similarities of Hannah and Sarah. Both had great husbands that God gave favor to. They both had other women that produced offspring from their husbands. They both had to tolerate the humiliation and unkind treatment from these women, including gloating and flaunting that they could have children and Sarah and Hannah could not. Something that I can relate to. God in his timing allowed me to finally conceive. Elkana and Abraham loved their wives, showed favor to them, making the situation worse. These stories are a good example of what can and does happen when you pour out your heart to God, and, give your problems to God. Having FAITH that it is in God's hands and its God's will as to outcome.
  • Pernella Pollard
    My faviourte part of 1 Samuel chp 1 is verse 12-15 Hannah was absolutely praying from her heart. Lips moving and her voiced could not be heard and the spirit of the Lord was upon her . what a powerful,spiritualand and meaningful prayer. Yeah,yeah,satan could not have heard her prayer and the prince of Persia could not stop the blessings from coming. Hallelujah!!! The Divine Father would have me praying from my heart at some point and time during the worship period at my Church and also at alter call . I often wonder Why? until i read Hannah's story. I really do love the Lord.
  • Remi
    God knows us distinctly. He identified a certain man(Elkanah) for blessing, out of the numerous men in the land. If we faithfully carry out our kingdom service, God will certainly bless us.
  • Sevenangels
    Hannah was given THE ARK OF THE COVENANT.....for her covenat cover all things...and it was good..God put it into The Ark. Her Covenat Reigns High amoungst all gifts.
  • Marty
    1st Samuel 1:3 Elkanah continued to worship despite the evil behavior of these priest.This kept God's blessing on his household. God has been only good to all of us. Why should we deny Him worship? Sacrifice of praise comes through opposition. It is not dependent on emotions.
  • Ramona
    Hannah kept the faith. What we need to do is have faith in GOD for he will never fail us. We must always put our trust in the lord. We got to know and believe that GOD is not slack regarding his promises. IF GOD SAID IT BELIEVE IT!!!
  • Lulu
    Very much blessed with hannas story. Its always bn one of my favourite chapters. I believe that God can ans our prayers in faith.
  • Sweeden
    The Holy Spirit has been encouraging me to read I Samuel and I finally did and am glad that I hearkened to the voice of the Lord. See, I am going throug a tough place right now and I Samuel has served as a reminder of God's faithfulness to me and all those who love Him and are students of His word. I confess this day, that I "shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper" (Psalms 1:3 KJV). I declare this day that I will walk by faith as Hannah and not by what I see. I will reap the harvest God's given me for a testimony.
  • Evander E. Renner
    The book of Samuel chapter 1 and 2 has shown us, these basic truth;
    1.God does not move by our tears. God only move by our faith, therefore when we cry out to our God it must be back by our faith
    2.Whenever we ask God for something (miracle), do we shown any sign to God that we rely need that miracle? Hannah poured out her frustrations unto the Lord, and the Prophet saw it.
    3.Do not take the WORD OF THE PROPHET FOR A JOKE: for it is written; I (GOD) will honor words of the Prophet. The chapter 1 vs 17 says, than Eli answered and said, go in peace, and the GOD OF ISRAEL grant thee thy petition that thou hast asked of him
    4.Do not forget to honor the AGREEMENT you made to GOD. And when you are fulfilling that agreement do it with JOY. Hannah made a bargain with GOD, saying give me a SON (Pls take note of this, not just a child, but a male child), then I will give him unto the LORD all the days of his life, and there shall no razor come upon his head.
  • Vanessa
    I samuel chapter I is an awesome chapter that one need to comprehend. Hannah entered into convenat with God and her blessings was released. God is a convenat keeping God.
  • Calucia for verse 10
    It shows dat God can do more than what people think,and God is a God of his own time
  • Diane .m.
    what would happen if hanna did give up thats what happen to most of us we are easily discourage thats why we need to read gods word all the time this story will help alot of people not to give up no matter what comes our way 1 samuel chapter 1
  • Hix
    God is never late. We have to do our part and God will do the rest. He is the same yesterday and today and forever.
  • DEE
    THIS HAS TRULY BLESSED MY SOUL b/c my husband committed adultery and now there is a child i believe he loves me but i am being provoked as well by the baby mamma it hurts tremendously but ive decided to work it out with him im not looking to birth a child but a miracle as hanna did a miracle of deliverance for him and i forgiveness and to remove all anger and bitterness someone pls pray for me as i pray for myself in JESUS name.

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