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  • BSP
    High Priest Eli mistakenly thought that Hannah was drunk. He did not have all the facts and he made a wrong assumption. We can learn a lesson from this and refrain from making assumptions too fast.
  • Shaneika Roberts
    The Lord hears the cries of his children. What Hannah had to go through was hard but she kept the faith and trusted God and her reward was great.
  • Danielle
    It is amazing how Hannah was able to withstand all of that torment, and still trust God!
  • Nikelwa
    Comment The story of Hanna is very painful but when you trust in God and believe in him nothing is impossible, I'm also like Hanna.
  • Getrude
    It indeed an encouraging scripture.No matter what people say about our situations,never stop crying to your God for one day,God will answer you!
  • Karl
    responds to Devlin; thanks for answering back, don't know Hebrew, trust the scholars for that, but as I understand it -eli eli lema sabachthani- my god my god why hast thought forsaken me. My question then to you would be simply who do you think JESUS was; mere prophet, jewish demigod, divinely inspired rabbi, or the LORD made flesh? What was the LORD trying to teach with those last words?
  • Monica
    God is a very loving Father and he will never abandon those that call to him in the name of Jesus his only Son. Regardless of how long Hannah being barren, she knew in her heart that God, and God alone could change her situation. When she prayed, she prayed without doubt that God was listening to her prayer and that he would answer. We sometimes pray without believing - whether what I have asked for will come through or not? Or the doctor has said I have few weeks to live before I die so I'm not quite so what will happen! Doubts closes the door to God's mercy throne. Hannah prayed believing and she received but she also lived up to the promise she made to give back the child for God's glory. Wonderful lesson and one of my favorites.
  • Gerald Bankhead
    Jesus is the Son of God, but is Himself a God. I believe this is the Son praying to His Father. Rather than a God praying to a God. At the time Jesus spoke to God, The Father, He knew He was answering to someone with more power, so to speak. If not, why ask? Jesus was asking the only person, He knew could
    Help Him.
  • Ar
    Nessage to To Chapter 0: May be, you could let us know where you read about the things you comment about, Chapter 0, so we can help each other.
  • Devlin
    Responds to Mr. Karl. I've read in Psalms 22 until 23. Still the same, Very clearly that Jesus still prayed to God. Jesus as God want another God for helping. And Jesus as a God, still want helping from God? If you know Hebrew.. you know the meaning of ELI ELI LAMA SABAKHTANI... Tq
  • Karl
    responds to Devlin; I think that, with his last words Jesus was hearkening us back to Psalm 22, and at the same time giving us his last lesson. The LORD drew us to Psalm 22 to draw us back to Psalm 23, read together the final message resonates within a Christian soul, how's that sound to you?
  • Devlin
    The most interesting to me is this..

    Matthew 27:46,
    Jesus said "ELI ELI LAMA SABAKHTANI" (which means "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?). It's show that there's another God and who's the God that Jesus called? Does [email protected] prayed? How can [email protected] prayed to another God? Somebody can tell me about this plz. Tq
  • Sarah Tetteh
    This chapter is very good.
  • Petros -cephas(johnpeter) for verse 16
    Daughters of belial are women who are worthless, cheapy, wicked, worldly etc.
  • Masaigeorfrey
    God had good plan for Annah to Samuel.God used Samuel mightly
  • Anne
    Hanna did not forget the vow she made to the Lord and she gave Samuel back to God.
  • Dennis achuti
    despite what you are going through,God slowly will work out your situation and all will be fine
  • Ms.Butler
    Hannah was tormented and went to the source she knew could help her. She unselfishly gave her blessing back to serve the Lord!!!!
  • Davis Akullo
    The are situations in our lives that only God can fix. Hannah had peninah, alike, we may also have many peninahs surrounding us but for sure when it is time for God to act he will surely do. There is no need to despair in your situation. Do not give up on God because he will not give up on you
  • Amy
    Not what I researched but like it
  • Janine Nthabie
    I have realized that whenever you pray to God and ask for something. ..don 't just ask but also tell God what is that you will do in return. Just like Hannah do promise God that God if you bless me with the husband that I need right now, my family will serve You all the days if our lives. Lord God of all creations if you can remember me and bless me with the job that I need right now. I will honor you by buying whatever might be needed in my church. I will help and feed the poor and my house will be your house. Make a promise to God, He is faithful enough to bless you with all your needs
  • Simphiwe Ndima
    As for Hannah didn 't have anything to be thankfull for. But Hannah did not stay at home cry cos she had nothing but Hannah did go to Shilo with those people who had something to thank God for. THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS... even if you got nothing don 't stop praising and praying to the Lord. don 't stop going to church even if they call you names but persist till God bless you with all your awaiting Blessing Good people lets all Go to SHILO AMEN
    when we exercise our FAITH and be patient for God, nothing shall be impossibility, look unto Him, the author and the finisher of our faith.
  • Sophia khumalo
    We serve a miracle working God,everything is possible with God.Just believe its all shall be given too thee...Ohh my God!!!
  • Albet Attara
    ask you receive, but we ask the lord without faith then we do not get,but hannah she asks with persistance and faith then the lord accept her prayer and gave he what she wants.....I ask the lord to give me the faith of hannah ....
  • Isaacc
    looking at this story it tells us as christians that wat ever vow we go with the Lord we must accomplish it...
  • Lucy
    Brothers and sisters in Christ I 'm so joyful that when I 'm weak ,He is strong and He is my strength The same is He to all who ask and believe
  • Marie Regis
    Even people put u down, don 't give up k eep com o n praying until u see the glory of the Lord
  • Glee
    Hannah 's story shows that from bitter pain may come great promise,if that pain leads you to God.Her frustration forced her to look to God.
  • Lizzynet Sakupwanya
    GOD answer our prayer if we ask him whole heartedly

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