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  • Michael Lydon
    1 Peter Chapter 4
    12 Beloued, thinke it not strange concerning the fiery triall, which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened vnto you.

    A baptism by fire according to one's works which is to come. It won't happen unto you from an outside force so much as it was decided by you as you lived your life.
  • Audrie Moss
    Underneath the restless surface Of each trail that comes in life Flows the Savior's love and power. They can calm our inner strife.
  • Angeline
    Hi Patricia, verse 12 talks about the trials & tribulations we face in life. We are being told not to think of it as strange, (or unfair, if you will), but to rejoice even in times of trouble & keep on Praising God (as David praised God even when he was going through tough times). I hope this helps you.
  • Patricia for verse 12
    I don't understand this verse in the King James Bible only. What other verses could I look up to explan this verse.Thank you and God Bless.

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