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  • Teri
    since Jesus suffered for our sins, we should try no tot sin either, but live our best for God. sometimes we have to disappoint others when we can't do the things they want us to...but we must instead follow Jesus and try to do His will.
  • Tony Ursery
    Man can't live by bread alone,but by every Word proceeds out of God mouth.
  • Sunrise
    To die mean to sieze from all pleasurable desire, and to suffer mean to endure excruciating pain even when u go through such not because it is by evil u do but for sake of one u love with all your heart and ready to lay all for such a one as christ did for us.
  • Ivy Johnson
    Peter: intimate acquaintance: with Jesus: indicated in his Epistles: deeply affected: message of the Master: speaks of Christ and His sufferings: no question concerning Peter’s Authorship: Epistles: Imminence: return of Christ:Christians are to be sober: and watch with Prayer: Above all, fervent Love: express to others: Christ Suffered: Christians will also:
    Glory be Revealed: Exceeding Joy:Amen
  • Pickqueena burrell
    it teaches of what Christ had to go through .. he had to suffer it also teaches us to have charity which is love and we should treat one another with hospitality an that we also have to endure hardship and having things say about us but we should rejoice once it is deemed falsely cause Christ himself was accused but he had to fulfil purpose so take courage.
  • BSP
    Verse 1~Jesus not only died for us but he was willing to suffer in the flesh. As fleshly humans we must examine whether we are willing to imitate Christ and suffer if needed to honor Jehovah God and support his sovereignty.
  • Armando seng
    verse 17 judgment already started in the house of God, (bonafide Churhes) the upcoming judgment day is for the ungodly.ref 2Peter3:7 please advise.
  • Servant of God
    Thx Rev for keeping it real for the careless Christian presumes Salvation instead of Fearing God. As Peter states"scarcely are we saved" but if we whole heartedly love his coming and devote our lives learning what the"whole truth" from the Creator of our souls might be, and spend our fleshly existence in fear of destruction of our living souls, for what has God to do with unrepentant presumption
  • Charles Bonsu
  • Rev. Billy Mayo
    1st Peter 4:2 is the verse which should make us either recognize or doubt our salvation. If we cannot find the desire to abandon the pleasures which Satan so vividly displays then we should have a serious conversation with our pastor and our christian friends.
    Learning to submit to the desires of our Lord, is paramount to our salvation.
    Ask yourself. "What does Satan really do for me".
  • BSP
    Verse 11: No matter if we are speaking or helping others, we want to do all things to God's glory so that he may receive the praise.
  • BSP
    Verse 9 urges us to be hospitable to others without complaining. We want to be willing and happy to show hospitality.
  • A disciple
    Our high calling of God in Christ is to walk with the heart and mind of Jesus our Lord through this world, and not to any more yield ourselves to the easy ways of the old man who lived without a conscience toward God. These are the very things that are so deplorable to the devil heathen nature of the ungodly, and the reason for their relentless opposition, contradiction and persecution of Christ.
  • Irene123
    Marlo,2 23 '13 - You are so right as Jesus said to satan 3times in Lk. ch. 4: "It is written". Jesus used the WORD against satan of which Jesus is the WORD .
  • BSP
    God has in his undeserved kindness imparted to all of us gifts, assets, abilities, or talents that we can use to benefit fellow believers.
  • Cindy ruiz
    Keep the whole armor of God on this is the last hour .always lifting each other up supplication prayer fasting. Always in our Lord Jesus Christ time is at hand amen
  • Lindy
    Thank you, Joyce! We need to keep His word in our hearts as trials abound. Thank God for His mercy! We as a nation need to repent! Let us keep instant in prayer. Thank you.
  • Edu Bassey
    That Christians are bound to face challenges as long as they are on earth and there is a great reward to those who are steadfast.Also,we should utilized our talent to the glory of Go.The faithful should be careful less they fall
  • Chermine callier
    Love the new look
  • Penias musumali
    Wow! Seriously,am Encouraged no word.
  • Melvn for verse 18
    That man can not expect to live a easy life of sin and then enter eternal life with God in heaven, when the righteous must suffer though life to serve the Lord to make it into heaven.
  • Motdaugrnds
    I 'm unclear. I do know it is best to take care of self so as not to be a burden on others yet is this taking care of self sinful because it has to do with actual survival in this world? Can one walk in harmony with God 's will while being as self-sufficient on a farm as possible? Seems I daily walk by faith as I struggle just to survive, i.e. to physically do what needs to be done on the farm just to put bread on the table and keep the bills paid. Herein is where I need spiritual "meat " to guide my existence. I 'm past the time for "milk "!
  • Shawn for verse 12
    Don 't be surprised.....And we Know, ALL things work together for GOOD, to Them that love the God, to Them who are the called for His purpose! Romans 8:28 Look at All that Jesus endured, For Us, He was without sin!!!.... We are More than conquerors!!!
  • Clarissa edwards for verse 12
    I love it because I always get weary when trials come in my life and I try to micromanage God I have allowed fear to control long enough no more God is telling me trust me don 't look at the circumstances look to me
  • I believe God is most likely talking about believers who are living a hypocrite life yes,they talk about God but their heart is far from him, they only give lip service.God is warning them to repent of the hypocrisy behavior before it 's too late.
  • Tim George for verse 19
    For if you suffer as a Christian, happy are ye. Yet let none of you suffer as a murderer, thief, or gossip. Commit your soul to the faithful creator who will judge righteously when He comes, then you will be over joyed at His appearing.
  • Shailaja bhujbal for verse 6
    Amen! Our Lord is righteous judge.,no one will be judged unrighteously.
  • MIRACLE KANANJI for verse 4
  • Donna Burrell for verse 17
    I totally agree with it ' because I think the righteous ' the ones proclaiming to be righteous, and in God 's house should be judged first, although God already knows who we are, and he said in his word that he is coming back for the church, u And those that reject God, or reject the Good News of God, he too will be judge accordinaly '
  • Martha O;Connor for verse 2
    That even though a man is temped to do wrong . He did not do it because he loves GOD .

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