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  • Leandro on 1 Peter 1
    It is important that we talk to people about jesus and salvation it dosn't matter if your a pastor, scholar, or just a brother or sister in the church because there is something wrong when a christian dosnt witness we are supposed to be the light not hide it no one is going to glorify god for your good works if they dont even know your a christian or what a real on fire for god spirit filled christian is this is why so much of the church world today is filled with church goers and not bible living christians
  • Bro. B on 1 Peter 1
    Verse #2,"unto obedience AND sprinkling of blood". Rev.14:12, The laws of God were written down for us to obey by men led by Christ,s Spirit. Jesus, before He came to us as a man, set in place a religion with laws, statutes and ordinances for us to follow. Not man made traditions like the Pharisees and Mainstream Christianity teaches but the Work's of Christ. His Sabbath's, His Holy Days, His food laws. He walked in them as a man, so did Peter, Abraham, Noah, and all the other righteous examples in the Bible. Like Peter says, "as obedient children". Not obedient to religious man, but to the one who paid our death penalty. This obedience coupled with Faith the Jesus will do what He promised is the key to salvation. Jesus promised to give us a gift that we don't already have, immortality, if we "keep His commandments". He also promised to destroy, by dropping us in the lake of fire, those who live in disobedience. This destruction is permanent,everlasting destruction, that is destruction from which there is no return. Death, not life forever in hell as taught by the Pharisees of today. We are to walk in God's good, God's definition of Holy. We are to depart from God's definition of sin, not mankind's. Jesus said that few will follow the same path that He and His Prophets of old and disciples followed. Will you?
  • Dreyann on 1 Peter 1
    Very inspiring. He is admonishing us how to live a good and peaceable life in Jesus Christ. I just wish the world would consider following these steps to achieve eternal life through Jesus Christ.
  • Christopher leak on 1 Peter 1
    As I read the Word in this chpt.,Ihear the Holy Spirit in me,giving me instructions on how to live in this life.In our day to day walk.How to live and treat one another,those we know and even strangers.The first thing I should always focus on everyday is the love of GOD,because he first loved us.Then the name of JESUS,because HE shed HIS BLOOD for us.The HOLY SPIRIT,because HE teaches and leads us in the WORD everyday,then the brotheren and unbelievers who have stumbled in the way.These instructions prpares our minds and hearts for the day ahead of us.How to govern ourselves and present ourselves,by following JESUS's example,even holy,as HE is HOLY.1:15-"But as HE,which hath called you is HOLY,so be you holy in all manner of conversation;" By being obedient to the instructions I hear;HIS GRACE comes unto us(1Pet.1:10)and you are prepared to face everything and everyone,whom you encounter through your day,even trials and tribulations.Seeing that now,I know that our souls are being prepared for Heaven even here on earth,through the love we have for one another,even ourselves.(1:22).So by faith,we believe in our hearts and mind the WORD that we're being taught,not only to know and to learn It.Also,to live IT,at all times,even when you are alone.Renewing our minds and our thinking.Being sober,respecting one another.Now enjoying life,everyday with peace.In this life and the next! 1Peter 1:2-Grace unto you,and peace be multiplied.
  • Antron on 1 Peter 1
    It's really from KJ Holy Bible!
  • Richard on 1 Peter 1
    God is truth. God is Love. Glory and Honor to our God! Take heart. Our Father loves us. He loves us!
  • Mike on 1 Peter 1
    Today, the Word of God brings such comfort...Remember" the goal of this life is to be found in the Lord's Book of Life" He is with us wherever we go...take great comfort today my Brothers and Sisters.
  • Skybounder on 1 Peter 1
    Rejoice. The trial of this life is only temporary. See the BIG picture. You are so blessed and precious to God. Remember who you are in Jesus Christ...this will quicken you. God's promises never fail.
  • Charles on 1 Peter 1

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