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4/27/2021, 10:17pm by "Grace Simmonds": Peter is telling us to know the tactics of the enemy, line our selves with the armor of God, and stand. The devil comes in different form and shape and we have to know who we are in Christ Jesus. He comes as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and if we are not wise not in our wisdom yet the wisdom of God, he will trap us in his snare.Amen.

5/26/2015, 6:05pm by "Gillian Larmond": Points taken and agreed with. We have to be focus, be on guard, be in-tuned with the will of God through His words and be spiritually prepared for any attack of the adversary. God bless us all as we continue to walk in His light.

5/25/2015, 11:39pm by "Butch": Sometimes if we are not careful, we get drunk on the cares of this life, we get caught up, tied up, tangled,and we neglect to seek The Lord, and watch for his second coming.

1/29/2015, 5:50am by "Daniel elita phiri": A roarling lion is sleepless when its hungery, so being vigilant or rather watchful should indeed be the behaviour of every tru christian. Being sobar does not imply to the drunkards only. Remember an idol mind is the workshop of the devil.

1/15/2015, 2:40am by "reedemedtowin": This scripture closely read with Ephesians 5:16 "Redeeming the time, because the days are evil " tells us that we are expected to be more spiritual to win the battles of life...the devil is out and about on a warfare with spiritually empowered people...May His Grace help us to do so, in Jesus name, Amen!

10/07/2014, 3:09am by "Tim George": The Devil as a roaring lion walks about seeking whom he may eat up. So resist the Devil and he will flee. We do this by quoting scripture as Jesus did and the Devil will have to go. Don 't listen to the lies but believe the truth of the Word of God. Don 't drink too much wine, but be sober so that you can think clearly.

10/04/2014, 3:48am by "Amaechi Kingsley Agu": Every Christian,no matter your level in Christianity MUST NEVER FORGET,that he or she will always be the enemies Devil satan target.If he devil can 't get you directly he might try through other means like your friends,job,relatives,children even your wife husband. Consult the book of Job chapters 1 and 2. Be sober!Be vigilant!!Be prayerful!!!

8/09/2014, 6:44am by "Xoli Mbayimbayi": This is so profound. according to my understanding When one is drunk of alcohol their forget about everything and they lose sight of where they are and what they are doing. But once you become sober you think twice before you act. Therefore When we remain sober we are able to act fast and we Don 't lose sight in the Lord we become aware of where we at. Its important that we keep close to the Lord and obey the holy sprite At all time simply because it can see what our naked eye can not see. remember to be vigilant at all time

8/04/2014, 7:27pm by "Manny": The roar of a lion paralyze 's, when the prey he is hunting freezes in its steps, it gives the lion an easy target. Don 't let the roar of evil people stop you. Keep moving forward

4/27/2014, 12:34am by "Michael sunday": Devil is the greatest fraudulent and deceiver of them all. Cast your faith upon Him that saved by Grace

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