1 Peter 2:24 Inspirational Image

1 Peter 2:24 Inspirational Image

"Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed."
1 Peter 2:24 (KJV)

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"1 PETER 2:24 HE himself bore our sins in his body on the tree,so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wound you were healed. 1PETER 2:25 For you were like sheep going astray,butnow you have returned to the Shepherd and overseer of your SOULs."
"Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace, through His only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!"
"I claim it in the mighty name of Jesus"
"I thank, GOD for his son, JESUS for dying for me, even when, I did not deserve it. Lord transform me into the image of your son, keep me in your purification pot until you only see, my JESUS. AMEN!!!!"
"Now 1 Peter 2v9 goes on to say:Ye are a chosen generation,royal priesthood,a perculiar people,a holy nation ,THAT YE SHOULD SHEW FORTH PRAISES OF HIM WHICH HAS CALLED YOU OUT OF DARKNESS INTO HIS MARVELOUS LIGHT"
"All things are possible with God, never give up, as that is what the enemy wants. Be strengthened and uplifted by Him, lean on Him alone. Trusting in Him is the only way. Above all have faith and you will be blessed. Isaiah 41:10 fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."
"Behold what manner of love He gave us,amen!"
"ISAIAH 53:5... But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed..."
"Love being healed, and it's an eternal remedy!"
"God didn't need nobody to die in his stead for our sins, but he needed a body because God is a spirit and a spirit can't die so he himself came down in flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, thank God for the blood."
"He bare our sins, he took away our shame, and our burden, he took it upon himself. How greater is his love towards us. If you believe this let me hear you say a loud Amen"
"Hi Shannon, I will be praying for you. May the Lord be gracious to hear my prayers in giving you strength and courage in the name of Jesus. There are many mansions prepared in heaven, enough room for you and I. God bless"
"I was healed more than 2000 years ago. Glory be to God"
"May those words of God Bless each n every one of us....Amen:)"
"Positive message!"
"Thank Jesus caz u did it al even for these ulcers,am taking my healing right now from the pain u went thru thank u Jesus."
"Thank you Jesus and Father God Amen"
"Without the sheddin'of blood, there is no remission of sin"
"Amen, we should tell the world how Jesus died for us."
"By his stripes i was healed. if i was healed then i am healed. healing belongs to me coz am in Christ."
"Deres not a frnd lyk JESUS."
"Great is the Lord,4 he soo much loved me and paid the price.Doing al that 4me!!Amazing!!!"
"He is worthy to die for our sins because he did no sin."
"Hi Shannon,the problem is that you was tryng,you were suposed to leave it to God.God DOES but people TRY..don't give up!"
"I am claiming this one, AMEN!!!!!!!"
"Its already done. We just have to believe. Its not ''ye will be healed'' but ''ye are healed'' past tense. The Greatest love story..God redeeming us.."
"Jesus Christ is Lord! Come, let us "GO" tell everyone, "He is our Lord!""
"O yes! Halleluyah!"
"Praise The Mighty Name Of JESUS!!!"
"Surely the lord is my healer.amen"
"Thank u my dear heavenly Father I dnt stand,a chance without u....chuchh"
"THANK YOU "JESUS" I do receive that!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Thank you Jesus for your love towards mankind especially me."
"Thank you My Lord!!"
"The alergy tht hs disturbd me4long period is gone in Jesus name!"
"This morning and tonights services both were great the power of God came down the joy of the Lord what a wonderful time we had. The singing, the praises, the testimonies, the preaching, and the praying for one another. I still feel the glory of God and his peace. Thankyou Lord."
"What can l say unto my LORD all l av to say is tank you lord"
"Wonderful grace..!"
"Yes, thank u lord"
"@John James I should say, you need to search and study very well who the original church of God and the church of the world (I should say), Just a reminder, The true Church of God NEVER depart from the doctrine of Jesus Christ. You need to know the truth about catholic, the year they started and how did they become catholic. They have their origin, not founded Scripturally. Discover it yourself."
"Amen ! Thankyou Jesus for your death brought life to me."
"Amen !!!We have a healing GOD!!"
"Amen ,yu are faithful my Lord"
"Amen an may heavenly Father bless u all"
"Amen and Amen. Thank you Jesus every day."
"Amen brother.may God bless you"
"Amen by him we are healed and not trying to be heald"
"Amen! happy sunday brothers and sisters in tbe LORD! be faithful in serving him the end of time...GOD bless."
"Amen! Thank U Jesus"
"Amen!! Thank you Sweet JESUS <3 <3 <3 HE is comimg soon"
"Amen, Lord."
"Amen, Thank you Jesus !!!!!"
"Amen. Oh God heal me."
"Amen...and I love it to in Isaiah 53:5"
"Bought to live for Christ"
"By His stripes she is healed"
"Daddy thank you for healing"
"Father i thank U, in Jesus name,u are my shelter frm evil storms & rain."
"Father in the Name of Jesus, teach me to LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART MIND AND SPIRIT. And to love my neighbor as myself. AMEN AND AMEN"
"Fear not,for i am with you."
"From eternity past, GOD had this wonderfull plan for us in His heart. Praise ye the LORD!!!"
"Glory! Amen."
"God is gr8"
"He bore it all for us."
"He is illimitable in all ways!"
"His only crime ws love"
"I am ta choosen one. Amen"
"I love this verse!!"
"I love u Jesus ! I'm sorry for all my sins today please forgive me"
"I love u Lord Jesus."
"I love you Jesus."
"I was just getting ready to post this verse."
"I'm the tree of righteousness ....Amen"
"KJV..thats what I am talkin bout...ty Jesus"
"Lord jesus am nt worthy 2 call ur name bt by ur stribes we r heal"
"Me need no other physician-Jesus is my Great Physician! Amen"
"Meaning we are healed"
"No sickness or death has power for all has been bared on the cross"
"Notice by whose stripes we are healed"
"Oh wat a wonderful favour dat i have partake,may Jesus name alone be praise Amen."
"Ooh yes yes yes Lord. I will run for u always"
"Perfect my healing O Lord"
"Praise Him in all things....:)"
"Shannon, God is listening to you, don't let satan take your trust in God away. God said, wait upon Him. Might not be today or tomorrow, but your prayers will be answered. Persevere, keep the faith, don't let satan rob from you. God loves you just as much as he loves me, he has no partiality. Peace be still and no i am God."
"Shurely His lov n kindnes endures 4evr n we shld seek Him while He stl cn be found!"
"Thank To You Lord God...."
"Thank u 4 sharing ANEN"
"Thank u my Lord and savour Love u"
"Thank you Jesus, i pray to live a righteous life for my Father and carry my cross for Jesus now.~ Love you Jesus~"
"Thank you lord for everything in my life,amen"
"THANK YOU, LORD.................."
"Thank You.Lord."
"That means everyone regardless if your sick or not as some pentocostal twist this verse for psychical healing"
"That's my God."
"The chastisement of our peace was upon him"
"The lord jesus he is Lord"
"Then why Christians seek sin. Yet He said sin no more."
"This is 1 of my most favored versus. Thank You JESUS."
"This is my medical insurance (assurance)"
"Tnk u lord 4 ur mercy n ur grace dat kept us"
"Toda Avi"
"What an uplifitin verse 2 start da morning,by faith we ar saved"
"Yes Amen Thank you Jesus Amen"
"Yes o o he bare my sins which are so many. THANK YOU JESUS."
"Yes.thanks Lord JESUS CHRIST"


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