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  • Rhonda
    I Kings 6:15 - ceiling is spelled wrong according to my Bible.
  • Stanjett
    ceiling Heb. attik Ezek. 41:15, 16 , a terrace a projection " ledge. " 2. Heb. rahit Cant. 1:17 , translated "rafters," marg. galleries probably panel-work or fretted ceiling ...
  • Sarah
    This is the only Bible chapter that has the word "inside" in it. I just thought that was very interesting.
  • Tim Coenen
    I have been thinking that the New Temple #3 well be a TENT as it where in Moses time. But then I maybe wrong.
  • BSP
    Verses 12,13~Jehovah God promised to be with his people if they kept his laws and obeyed his commandments.
  • Christ Magnified Glorifying Jesus
    I have heard that presently and somewhere are all the finished, prefabricated materials and ornaments necessary to build a new temple in Jerusalem. Those behind this task are waiting for a relevant time to set it all in motion. If this is true, than it adheres to this particular chapter concerning the construction of the original temple, but the new one will be built very very quickly.
  • Moses for verse 7
    1Kings 6vers 7 What is the meaning of this chapter
  • Siphiwe
    God want you to do his will according to what he told you not what people said to you, you must listen God's voice clear and understand it.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    God has given the command to Solomon how he is to build his house, and the exact requirement. It took seven years to complete the task, and this represents perfection. Now the only thing that is left is to keep all of the statutes, and the commandments of the law, and all of the promises to that God made to David will be fulfilled.
    The Lord Jesus will is the completion of the promise, and he is of the lion of the tribe of Judah. He will take the title deed of this world, and rule on the throne of his father David as the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords in his everlasting Kingdom. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.
  • Needs Answer
    What does I Kings Chapter 6 means or its summary??
  • Bane
    About months ZIF and BUL.
    I intended to send a link but it is not allowed in this comments. So i will say what I discovered
    (I am a bit confused too):
    These months are from some "sacred calendar" which is parallel in total to Jew calendar, so ZIF is a second month and it is parallel to ijjar and BUL is 8. month and is parallel to marhesvan.
    It is a great pleasure to me if I was of any help.
  • John pereira
    what are the months zif and bul
  • Matthew
    Whatever the mouth of the LORD speaketh will surely come to pass.He told David that his son will build the Temple and now God has given Solomon even more wisdom than David himself wouldnt have thought of.
  • Precious
    God is more interested in our obeying his commands more than any type of service we can render to Him, while solomon was building the great house, He still spoke to him asking that he walk in His commandment. LET'S BE CAREFUL OF
  • Kamran Fazal
    God wants us to listen His words in our daily life. He wants us to obey according to His word. As Solomon did each and every job in building the Lord's Temple.Then He will bless us as He blessed Solomon in life.
    Because He loves us.
  • Muyiwa
    God spoke to Solomon while he built the temple. From time to time, God speaks to us giving instructions and this keeps us in focus. He always wants to bless us and keep us in view of what He wants to or about to do. He sees us as children and keeps in the knowing of His moves.

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