1 Kings Chapter 5 Discussion

  • David on 1 Kings 5
    Praise the Lord for His provision that He freely gives unto His people. As we see in this chapter 5, the Lord will use all who has a desire to fulfill His will, and supply all that is needed to accomplish it.

    Lord, help us now in this pandemic that is being fostered upon us. Give us leaders who have godly wisdom, and the heart to glorify you. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers.

    God bless everyone this day, August 5, 2021.
  • Anne on 1 Kings 5

    Coming together and working together to build the House of the Lord is a good thing. "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity". Ps. 133

  • Josiah Dibiah on 1 Kings 5
    . * . God carefully choose Solomon and endowed him with wisdom majorly for purpose of building the Temple which is symbole of the Church (body of Christ) Today. Christ the cheif corner Stone - our Rock of Ages, He is foundation of the Church.
  • Ogo Anyaeche on 1 Kings 5
    God is a covenant keeping God. He fulfilled it the house of David
    By making solomon king and verse 12 iving him the wisdom as He romiised
  • Tracy on 1 Kings 5
    In this chapter i can see how god can give you peace on every side. He also is the provider of all that we need.
  • Olivia on 1 Kings 5
    God is a awsome God we serve. Just keep the faith
  • RALPH WATERS on 1 Kings 5
  • Muyiwa Mepaiyeda on 1 Kings 5
    Chapter 5 shows us how awesome God is. His greatness was demonstrated in His benevolence to Solomon. He blessed him so much that he became a blessing like Abraham and through this many came to hear of his God.

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